How Long Does A Bathroom Remodel Take?

How Long Does A Bathroom Remodel Take?

December 23, 2022

In the midst of vamping up your bathroom with a remodel but aren’t sure how much time you’ll need? Well, it depends on the amount of remodeling taking place as well as the size of the bathroom being remodeled. So, let’s explore the different bathroom remodel timeframes and the factors affecting time. 

General Time Frame

The basic general time frame of an average sized bathroom remodel is between 3-4 weeks. If your bathroom remodel is on the larger side of the scale then it could even take between 4-6 weeks. However, it is common to expect at least 1 month for any bathroom remodel to take place. 

Factors Affecting Time 

If your remodel project is larger than the average, expect your remodel to take longer. You can determine a rough draft of how long your remodel will take by determining the state of your bathroom. If your bathroom is being remodeled from scratch, expect the remodel to take more time. However, if you are only needing a few new upgrades then it will take less time. 

The next question to ask yourself is, will a professional be doing the remodel or is it an in-house project? Professionals work much more efficiently and can get the job done quicker. If you are performing the remodel on your own, expect the timeframe to take much longer.

Lastly, ask yourself if you will need new flooring, plumbing or electrical installed? These 3 aspects are important to plan out. So, see if these need to be updated from the beginning of the process to help save time and don’t forget to paint. The quicker these items are cleared from your list of to-do’s the quicker your remodel can be completed. 

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the timeframe of a bathroom remodel has a lot of factors affecting it. Depending on the square footage of your bathroom it could take around 3-4 weeks or last longer, between 4-6 weeks. It also depends on the state of your bathroom when starting the project. As well as how organized you are and if you’re doing it yourself or having professionals come in. In general, for a basic bathroom remodel of average size, expect it to take at least 1 month to complete.

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