Do You Have To Have Tile On Your Bathroom Wall?

Do You Have To Have Tile On Your Bathroom Wall?

October 15, 2022

A frequent dilemma faced by individuals renovating their bathrooms is whether to paint or to tile. Tile does add a certain luxurious and modern feel to the room, but is it necessary? Do you have to have tile on your bathroom wall?



A major convenience when it comes to tile is how easily it can be cleaned. Because tile is water resistant, cleaning up water or soap from their surface is easy-peasy. 

Painted walls on the other hand, can absorb moisture and, with time, begin to mold or discolor. The pain on the walls may also begin to bubble or peel with enough time and exposure to moisture and differing temperatures.


The combinations and design possibilities are nearly limitless when it comes to tile. Your bathroom’s tile and look is literally only as limited as your own imagination with countless shapes, textures, and designs to pick from. 

Additionally, the tile itself comes in different shapes and sizes so no matter how funky or sizable your bathroom is, there is a tile plan for you. Small spaces and curved walls? No problem! Tiles can be fitted, shaped, and made to reflect your dream of how you want your bathroom to look and feel. 


With cleaning and the proper care, your bathroom’s tile can last you a long, long time. With its extremely durable surface, tile is not easily chipped or cracked. 

Aside from tile being highly durable, it is also great for the environment. With the lifespan of tile being so long, there is no creation of high demand for new one or the disposal of old ones. 



Tiles can be somewhat pricey to install. And the size of the tiles, as well as the size of the area being tiled, may also make the price jump a bit.

Another important thing to remember is that installation of your bathroom tiles will also include some add-on costs such as grout, sealer, and mortar. And if renovation is something you may want in the future, it can be costly for tiled bathrooms, as well. 


When you have tile on the bathroom wall. Cleaning can be a con, as well as a pro. While tile is easy to clean, it is also a reflective surface which means it can take time to wipe down, as well as leave water spots or soap scum smears that can make the tile look not so fresh anymore. 

In addition to the tile needing cleaning – which can be a chore in itself – the grout will also need a good scrubbing after some time has gone by. This task can quickly become very tedious and tiresome.


As with anything else, if tile is not maintained and kept clean it will begin to decay. As time passes, water can collect in the grout lines and eventually cause them to absorb enough moisture that allows for decay to set in.

On top of the price of tile, grout replacement can also be pricey, as well as troublesome. Also, bathrooms can become nearly unusable when needing repairs.

Tile can be an awesome way to go if you are looking to add life (or even value) to your bathroom walls. Is it necessary? No, not really, but it can take a bathroom from wet and dreary to bright and cheery in an instant.

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