Are you looking for a home remodeling contractor that can help you with your bathroom renovations? If you live with limited mobility, getting in and out of the bathtub can be dangerous. With walk-in tubs, you never have to worry about getting in and out of bathtubs ever again.

It is our pleasure to offer bathroom remodeling services in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas with our amazing contractors. Please reach out to our office for more information today.

Bathroom Remodeling Service

A walk-in tub, also known as a soaking tub, is a relatively straightforward installation process. You can contact our office to receive a free quote for this service. Someone from our professional team will come in and take your old tub out and install your new walk-in tub in your space. We will do this with as minimal disruption to your bathroom as possible. 

The size of these tubs may be slightly different than that of standard tubs. Measurements will be taken in your bathroom to ensure we make suitable accommodations. If you have mobility issues and need a bathtub that offers great features to have the confidence to bathe independently, you need to upgrade your old tub. Some of the features of a walk-in tub are:

  • A Safe Step Option
  • Provides Safe Sitting Options
  • Gives You A Space To Relax
  • Has Jets For Relaxation
  • A Deeper Depth For Better Soaking

Walk-In Tub Installation

We carry a wide range of walk-in tub options to fit the same space as your existing bathtub or shower. Our tubs are designed to last and require little to no maintenance once installed. All of our walk-in tubs are built with non-porous material which prevents the buildup of dirt and grime. This protects you from mold and mildew, ensuring a clean, healthy bathing environment!

Our walk-in tubs are easy-access and simply require you to open the door to get in. The tubs come with a heated air system infused into the water to keep your bath warm. Features such as grab bars and built-in seating allow you to enjoy the comfort of your bath safely! We will do our best to cause minimal disruption to your bathroom during the tub installation. 

Patterns and Colors

We offer a variety of different patterns and colors. With so many styles and patterns of walk-in tubs and showers to choose from, you’re sure to find one that best accommodates your bathroom. Feel free to contact us for more information regarding the patterns and colors we offer. We want you to love your new tub!

We Have Financing Options

A project like this is one that you want a trained professional performing for you to avoid any problems. Many people worry about how they can pay for a service like this, and we offer financing options. Connect with one of the employees to discuss the possibilities we accept for you to get a new tub. As your local contractor in Los Angeles, it is our pleasure to offer you a free quote.


As a courtesy to the senior citizens and Veterans in our community, we offer a discount on the installation of a walk-in tub. We’d love to discuss the discount with you, so please be sure to ask about it when you call. We can discuss your project and give you a free quote for your new walk-in tub. 

Give Us A Call Today

If you’re ready to get your bathing independence back, give our team here at Cavalier Builders, Inc. a call today! Our local contractors will install walk-in tubs with our number one mission being to help our customers get their bathing independence back. Our local contractors look forward to working with you.



Contact Cavalier Builders to start planning your Los Angeles walk-in tub installation services. Our home experts will conduct a evaluation and offer a free estimate!


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    Frequently Asked Questions About Walk-In Tubs

    Have you been searching the internet for home remodeling contractors near you in Los Angeles? Cavalier Builders can help you with walk-in bathtub options. If you have questions about our installation services, the tub type we install, the cost involved, and more, you can call us today. Our company is always happy to speak with our customers about everything involved in this process and what you need to expect.

    Will The Technician Connect All Needed Areas of The Tub?

    When a technician comes to your location to install a tub, they will ensure everything is in working order before we leave. All of the connections will be made. 

    What Is The Cost Of Purchasing A Walk-In Bathtub?

    When the installation of a new tub is done, there are different brands and styles available. A new walk-in tub can range as low as $2,000 up to $20,000. They are a more expensive purchase to make, but worth it for the individual using it. 

    Are Additional Supplies Needed For These Tubs?

    You don’t need any additional supplies to use these tubs. It works similarly to a traditional tub, just with added features to make it more relaxing and comfortable for sitting in. 

    Is There A Variety Of Settings On Walk-In Bathtubs?

    A walk-in bathtub is designed to be more accessible and functional for a person with mobility issues. There are jets and temperature gauges on the tub. Some may offer more settings, such as a heated seat or more, to make your experience more enjoyable. 

    Are The Monthly Costs Higher To Fill A Walk-In Tub?

    The design of these tubs is different than those of a regular bathtub. They do not use a significant amount of water. They are made taller, but often shorter than your traditional tubs. The amount of water balances out to not be much more, so the costs shouldn’t change much. Typically, they hold roughly 50 gallons of water per bath. 

    Are All Walk-In Tubs Freestanding?

    No. Not all walk-in tubs are freestanding. You can purchase them to be fully installed in your bathroom space. 

    What Style Walk-In Bathtub Is Best?

    For a basic design, most people go with a soak-in tub. These are just what they sound like and offer no additional features such as heated seats and jets. According to most people, the company Safe Step provides one of the best walk-in tub options. 

    Do Walk-In Tubs Leak?

    The fear of having a tub like this leak is common. The door to the tub has to be fully latched closed to ensure that water cannot escape the tub. One brand, KOHLER, has a handle you can turn to create a tight seal to the door.

    Does American Standard Make A Walk In Bath?

    Yes. The brand American Standard does make a walk-in bath you can purchase. Almost all companies made a version of their own. 

    How Long Does It Take To Fill A Walk-In Bath?

    One of the downfalls of a walk-in bath is that you cannot fill it up until you are sitting inside of it. The average time it takes to fill one of these tubs is 5-15 minutes. 

    Are Soaking Tubs Made Out Of Fiberglass?

    Yes. Most standard tubs are made of fiberglass, but different options are available. Such as acrylic or Gelcoat.

    Do Walk-In Bathtubs Have A Place To Sit?

    A walk-in bath typically has a seat for you to sit in for optimum comfort.

    Is Additional Plumbing Needed For Walk-In Bathtubs?

    There are times when the placement of plumbing parts will need to be moved to hook up a walk-in tub. But, most of the time, the plumber will do their best to use what is already there. 

    Is There A Shower Attachment To Walk-In Bathtubs?

    A shower head attachment is one of the great features you can add to your walk-in bath. This makes for an easier time rinsing off in the bathtub. These are usually a kit that you purchase after the fact for your walk-in bath.

    Can I get A Free Quote?

    Absolutely. As a remodeling company, we will provide you with all the information you need about your project. We can provide you with a free quote so you can properly plan your budget. The quote will include the removal of your old tub and the installation of the new one.

    How Much Does A Bathroom Renovation Cost?

    The installation costs will vary from situation to situation. Some installations will cost more due to the amount of work that goes into them, such as moving the plumbing. But, for the most part, the installation costs will be based on the amount of time it takes. 

    You Can Rely On Your Local Contractors in Los Angeles

    A new bathtub install is one of the many service options that we have available for our clients. This isn’t just any bathtub. We are talking about one that will make a difference for someone. A walk-in tub can help you feel safer and more secure.

    If your bathroom does not already have a tub suited for your needs, this is your sign to call and request more information about our bathroom remodeling services. Our full-service construction company is reliable, talented, and knowledgeable about all the information needed for replacing a standard tub with a walk-in tub. If you are looking for remodeling contractors in Los Angeles, give us a call.


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    Contact Cavalier Builders to start planning your walk-in tub installation service. Our home experts will conduct a home evaluation and offer a free estimate.

    Once the project is in process, our home remodeling experts will recommend what materials to use in order to ensure you are getting high quality work.



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