What is the process for refinishing floors?

What is the process for refinishing floors?

It is recommended that you refinish your hardwood floors every ten years. However, for those heavily trafficked rooms in your home, you may want to refinish those floors every two to five years. The refinishing process includes preparing your floors, sanding them down, staining, and then refinishing. Once complete, your hardwood floors should look and feel brand new. 

Preparing Your Floors

The first task you must undertake when you are refinishing your floors is to prepare the floors. This includes the removal of any furniture or carpet and rugs in the room. You will also want to check for any squeaks and loose boards, as well as any protruding or loose nails in the floorboards. 

You will want to seal any air vents that could collect dust during the sanding process. This will prevent anything from getting into your home’s ductwork. Plastic sheeting can also be used to seal doorways and keep dust from the sanding process escaping into other areas of the home. Additionally, you want to remove any debris from the floor with a dust mop or a vacuum. 

Sanding Your Floors

This step of the process may seem somewhat simple, however, to avoid any unwanted dips or severely damaging your floors, you will want to use extreme care in this step. It is also important to remember to wear protective gear for your eyes, ears, and breathing. 

Always follow the direction of the wood grain, never across the grain. Sand in overlapping passes that get you as close to the wall as possible without touching your baseboards. Once the main area of the floor is complete, you will then sand along the edges and corners of the room. Take extra care in the corners and be sure to remove every little bit of old finish. 

Staining And Finishing Your Floors

Before you begin applying your stain (if you decide to use stain) it is important to thoroughly examine and clean the freshly sanded area. Once the area is cleaned and you have decided on the color of stain you wish to use, apply the stain and allow it to dry. The stain must dry completely before topcoat application, so be sure to allow it to dry at least overnight. 

Once the stain is dried, you can apply your finish. Two of the most common hardwood floor finishes are water-based and polyurethane. The drying time for each of these is different so pay careful attention when applying either. Polyurethane typically dries within eight to twelve hours, while water-based finishes can dry in as little as two to four. Curing time, however, can take much longer and so you should take caution when moving heavy furniture or placing rugs back down. 

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What is acoustic drop ceiling?

What is An Acoustic Drop Ceiling?

When remodeling your home or building a new one, the type of ceiling you decide upon matters. Your ceiling can transform the look and feel of your home, as well as help with its acoustics. This is why more and more homeowners are installing acoustic ceilings as a way to manage sound and add a little decorative uniqueness to their homes. 

Acoustic Drop Ceilings

Acoustic drop ceilings are very similar to traditional suspended ceilings except that acoustic drop ceilings absorb sound. Made with a special sound-absorbing material, these types of ceilings are ideal for any home that struggles with controlling noise levels. 

Many homeowners suffer from issues regarding noise levels due to loud neighbors, noisy and congested traffic nearby, planes flying overhead, or other loud noises outside of the home. These types of ceilings help with reducing noise within the home, as well as reducing noise pollution that comes from outside allowing you to enjoy more peace and quiet within. 

Acoustic Drop Ceiling Pros

Acoustic drop ceilings come with many advantages for homeowners. Let’s discuss a few below:

Sound Absorption

These ceiling types are used primarily for sound absorption. This is why they are most often used in places of business or in offices to help reduce noise and stress, distraction, and reduction in productivity. These are all good reasons also for why this type of ceiling would be a great addition to any home or home office, as well. 

Conceals Imperfections And Pipes Or Wires

Acoustic drop ceilings are also beneficial in maintaining the look and appeal of a ceiling that may suffer from imperfection or have traveling pipes or wires visually present. With the drop ceiling panels, these unsightly issues quickly become resolved and disappear from eyesight. 

Easy To Maintain

The panels used in acoustic drop ceilings are easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, if one does become damaged, it can be replaced easily and without costing the homeowner much time or money at all. 

Acoustic Drop Ceiling Cons

It is important for homeowners to know the downsides to any new renovations or buys. So, let’s discuss some of the potential drawbacks below:

Not Waterproof

A drawback to these types of ceilings is that the panels used are not waterproof. Additionally, when exposed to moisture, they can develop water spots that take away from the beauty of your ceiling, as well as its health. 

Deteriorate With Time

Because these tiles are of a lightweight nature, they are less sturdy and will deteriorate with time a little quicker. Deteriorating tiles often sag which is never a good look for a ceiling. However, as mentioned before, these tiles are easy to replace and can even be painted if they ever become dull or the color deteriorates. 

Reduction In Ceiling Height

Acoustic drop ceilings do take away from the height of your home’s current ceiling. Which may also affect the feel of your overall space. This can make these types of ceilings less practical for homes that may have lower ceilings. Or homeowners that own tall furniture. 

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Is it cheaper to refinish or replace floors?

Is it cheaper to refinish or replace floors?

Your home’s floors go through a lot in their lifetime. And you may be noticing that the floors in the high-traffic areas of your home are beginning to dull or fade. This is when you must decide whether you are going to refinish or replace the floor. Fortunately, the research has been done and so, hopefully, the decision will be easier to reach after reading this. 

The Price Factor

Refinishing your floor is always going to be cheaper than replacing it. Replacing a floor is much more expensive since you have to purchase all new flooring, as well as have the old floor ripped up and hauled away. With refinishing, you simply have the floor sanded and restrained, then sealed and finished. 

Refinishing your floor is also less costly to the environment since you are reusing the flooring material that is already installed. This is why refinishing is a more sustainable and healthier option both for your wallet and the environment. 

The Time Factor

While refinishing your floor is cheaper than replacing it, it is also a much lengthier process. This is especially true if you have a home with large rooms and busy home life. Refinishing requires a lot of tedious tasks like the removal of furniture and the sealing of all the nooks and crannies. Additionally, once the floor is refinished it can’t be walked on until your contractor gives you the green light. 

When replacing a floor it is much less time-consuming and messy. Many times, floors can be replaced in a week or, in some cases, a few days. Some larger rooms may require up to two weeks, but there is no wait time to move back in and onto the floors like there is with refinishing. 

The Age And Condition Factor

Finally, you may want to consider the age and condition of your flooring before you decide on whether you should refinish it or if it is time to replace it. Typically, a floor can be refinished up to ten times, however, having a professional come in to help you make the most informed decision is not a bad idea. If your floor has been refinished a number of times and the boards are now too thin to refinish, it is finally time to replace them. 

Additionally, water damage can sometimes cause boards to buckle or begin to cup, in which case you will most likely have to replace them. It is also important to note that hardwood floors that have been a part of a home for an extensive amount of time are more prone to termite infestation and damage. Replacement of a floor can be costly but some damages just simply require it. 

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Is hardwood flooring hard to care for?

A daunting task that many homeowners face when renovating their homes is the decision between hardwood flooring or some other flooring materials and options. Fortunately, hardwood flooring convenience and versatility make it a top choice (and easy one) for many. Let’s discuss some top care tips for your hardwood flooring.  

Clean Spills Immediately

Liquid is possibly hardwood floorings greatest enemy when left to sit on the floor for any period of time. Moisture from spills can cause your wood floors to begin shrinking and swelling, as well as create dark stains and lead to wood damage. 

To clean liquid spills, it is recommended to use a dry or slightly damp cloth or mop. The use of a wet or steam mop would likely cause damage to the flooring. Excessive exposure to water and other liquids may also lead to mold growth which could destroy the top layer, weaken the entire structure, and be a potential health hazard for any house occupants. 

Sweep And Vacuum Regularly 

Daily sweeping of your floor is highly recommended as dust and dirt settle on your floorboards and in the grains of them. This creates a hygiene issue for you and your family, as well as contributes to your floor dulling over time. A soft bristled broom or a dry microfiber cloth is the best way to collect and clean dust away from your hardwood floors and surfaces without damaging or scratching them. 

Vacuuming is another great way to keep the level of dirt and dust on your floors at bay. Sweeping is useful but sometimes areas can be missed or dust can become airborne again during the process. This is why it is recommended to vacuum once a week, as well as only use vacuums or vacuum attachments for hardwood floors specifically to avoid scratching or dulling the finish. 

Specialty Cleaning Tips 

Accidental spills and dust or dirt are not your hardwood floor’s only enemies. Chewing gum, candle wax, and other sticky and foreign substances can find their way to your floor, as well. 

When attempting to remove such substances, it is recommended to use ice which will help to harden the substance. Once it has hardened, you want to gently scrape it away with a plastic scraper or a credit card. Once the substance has been removed, simply wipe the floor area clean with a damp cloth. 

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What is an acoustic ceiling?

What is an acoustic ceiling?

Are you looking for a flexible way to change the look of a room in your home? Maybe you’re interested in noise reduction, lowering your energy consumption costs, or even adding a contemporary look to a room in your home. If so, then you may be thinking of adding in an acoustic ceiling. And if you are, you should know you aren’t the first and you most definitely will not be the last as these types of ceilings are becoming more and more popular. 

Types Of Acoustic Ceilings

The two basic types of acoustic ceilings are glued or suspended/dropped. The more common of the two is the dropped ceiling. This ceiling type consists of an interlocking metal grid that is suspended from your original ceiling and holds the dropped tiles. The larger the tile used, the cheaper the price generally is per tile which is a major plus. Installation is also a lot quicker. 

A glued acoustic ceiling is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The tiles are glued directly onto the original ceiling. Both ceiling types offer homeowners soundproofing capabilities, as well as come in a variety of patterns and designs to choose from.

Pros Of Acoustic Ceilings

Possibly the most significant benefit of an acoustic ceiling is its ability to absorb sound. This is highly beneficial for spaces that require an acoustic balance for the general comfort of those occupying that specific space. For example, a business office might use this ceiling to help reduce overall noise, distraction, and stress that might come from an active and loud setting. 

Another benefit would be their ability to help home or business owners hide pipes, wires, or design flaws or problems in the building. These tiles are also easy to remove or replace. And they are also easy to maintain and clean.

Cons Of Acoustic Ceilings

One con of these ceilings is that they are not waterproof. If you work or live in a building that suffers from leaky pipes, you may wind up with a soggy tile on your ceiling. Or a discolored and water-stained one. 

Another con is that, like anything else, these tiles do deteriorate with time which would lead to the tile becoming saggy and make your ceiling quite unappealing to look at. But, as mentioned before, these tiles are not hard to replace and they can easily be painted over if they become discolored or dull. 

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What is stamped concrete?

What is stamped concrete?

Stamped concrete, also known as textured concrete, has had color, a pattern, or a texture added to it. This is done in order to mimic another building material type such as wood, brick, stone, or tile. This type of material can sometimes cost less than the material that it has been designed to mimic which is why some people prefer stamped concrete. 

Stamped Concrete Uses

Apart from stamped concrete having color, patterns, or texture added to it, the material is also highly durable and weather resistant. These qualities often make this type of material the perfect choice for homeowners looking for a high-end look at a lower cost. 

From upgrading driveways and adding to their curb appeal to walkways that can be blended seamlessly with existing stone and brick surfaces, stamped concrete is a versatile and cost-effective route for many homeowners today. Stamped concrete can even be used as a hard surface flooring option for inside the home, or perhaps even for walls or fireplaces. 

Stamped Concrete Styles

Rubber stamps or texturizing mats are used to imprint the pattern into the wet cement during the stamping process. The design of the stamp is often created from a mold taken of the real material that is being mimicked. This allows for a more realistic and appropriate texture to be attained when using the stamp. 

Stamped concrete also allows you to add custom accents such as large medallions to your concrete slabs. Additionally, these stamps can be applied both horizontally and vertically, meaning they are not just for flat flooring projects. 

Pros And Cons Of Stamped Concrete

The main benefit of stamped concrete is its durability. It also is highly customizable, as well as can be treated with a non-skid additive. To make it safer and a non-slip surface. This material also helps with enhancing your home’s value. While allowing you to save on the usually more costly price of buying the material that it is meant to mimic. 

A con to stamped concrete is it can be quite difficult to attempt yourself. This type of material is also recommended to have resealed every two to five years. In order for it to remain in top quality and visual condition. Repairs for this type of material can also be difficult to repair. 

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Are patio enclosures worth it?

Whether you are a homeowner who is considering enclosing an existing patio or you are thinking of putting one in, there are some undeniable benefits that a patio enclosure comes with. An enclosed patio protects you from unwanted visitors such as pests and bugs, as well as protects against weather elements. Additionally, an enclosed patio is an element of beauty that just adds to the overall look and beauty of your home. 

Offers Protection From The Elements

An enclosed patio provides you and your family with an outdoor space that is both comfortable and protective. It allows you to sit outside and not have to worry about the glare of the sun or its harmful UV rays. With an enclosed patio, there is also less chance that any gusts of wind will bother you, or your moment of peace found in your new and enclosed outdoor sanctuary.

An enclosed patio also protects from unwanted guests such as gnats, mosquitoes, and flies. Aren’t you tired of having to apply insect-repellent lotions and sprays? Well, with an enclosed patio, you no longer have to worry over which brand of insect repellent works best because those pesky bugs won’t be invited into your new space. 

Increases Your Home’s Privacy

Privacy is another great reason to enclose your patio. As a homeowner, you want to feel comfortable in your own home, as well as when you are enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Privacy is great for reading a book, sunbathing, or any other outdoor activity that you might want to do undisturbed. 

An enclosed patio makes it more difficult to see inside your home, as well as more difficult to see if anyone is outside on the patio. This can serve as a deterrent for anyone that may be thinking of breaking into your home. Since they cannot see into the home, or if anyone is outside on the patio, they may rethink their idea of attempting to take what is not theirs. 

Provides Aesthetic Charm

Aside from protection and privacy, an enclosed patio also provides your home with a renovated appearance. Patio shades and screens also help with adding to the aesthetic charm of your patio while, once again, providing you with additional outdoor privacy and protection. 

Not only does enclosing your patio add to its aesthetic charm, but it can also boost your property value, as well. Enhancing your curb appeal and boosting your resale value is quite the return on investment when it comes to enclosing your patio. 

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What is a licensed contractor?

What Is A Licensed Contractor?

Many homeowners today may feel comfortable with a DIY Youtube video instructing them on small around the home tasks or repairs. There are some home projects, however, that homeowners may find outside of their skillset or comfort zone. This is when it is time to call in a professional. Someone who has the tools and the skills to effectively plan and execute a home repair, remodel, or any other at-home job that might require an experienced and skilled hand such as a licensed contractor like Cavalier Builders Inc. 

What Does It Mean To Be Licensed?

When a contractor is licensed it is proof that he has met the industry standards required for acquiring the license. A license also means that the contractor will maintain those standards while performing contracted work. A contractor knows the cost of achieving and maintaining a license which usually speaks to the contractor’s level of commitment and care they will take with their contractual work. 

A contractor’s license also shows how serious a contractor is about their work. This means there won’t be any cutting of corners or jobs completed that the contractor would not agree with or personally have in his or her own home. 

Why Hire A Licensed Contractor?

When a homeowner decides to hire an unlicensed contractor, you not only place your home at risk but yourself and your family, as well. Any poorly completed jobs can have serious consequences for the home and those who dwell inside of it. When considering the cost of damages accrued from an unlicensed and possibly even inexperienced contractor, it doesn’t make very much sense to trust your home in the hands of anyone who isn’t licensed. 


Think of it like this – would you be comfortable riding in a vehicle that is being driven by an unlicensed driver? Probably not. Why? Well, because a driver’s license usually is proof that the driver is capable and confident in their driving skills. Licensed drivers are also knowledgeable about the rules of the road and will follow them. This is why a license is important – it protects those who are having the work completed, as well as those who are performing the work. 

How Can I Verify That A Contractor Is Licensed?

To verify that a contractor is actually licensed, you will want to check with your state’s licensing board. This should allow you to not only view the contractor’s actual license. But also allow you to see if there are any complaints that have been filed against them. 


When you meet with your contractor in person. You can also ask them to provide proof of their license by allowing you to see it. You may also wish to ask for proof of their liability insurance and worker’s compensation. Any good contractor should not be offended by these simple requests. Because they will fully understand that it is nothing personal, just good business. 

We Are Fully Bonded And Licensed

We are a family owned and operated remodeling company that is fully licensed and bonded. And since 1999, we have provided our clients with quality construction, home renovation, and remodeling. So, if you are in need of a licensed home remodeling contractor, contact us.

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Why Your Home Needs Rain Gutters

Why Your Home Needs Rain Gutters

Are you considering having rain gutters installed on your home? Perhaps you are on the fence on whether or not you need them? Well, worry no more! Cavalier Builders of Hidden Hills, CA can help you! Learn the different reasons why you need rain gutters for your home and how they can help you! 

What Is A Rain Gutter? 

First things first, what is a rain gutter? A rain gutter is a water collection channel that makes sure water is properly discharged away from your home. In other words, it makes sure that during heavy or light rainfall, puddles and swamping are kept to a minimum. This is so your home will not suffer from water damage from excessive amounts of puddles around any entry ways. 

Benefits Of A Rain Gutter

There are many benefits to having a rain gutter installed on your home. First, it helps to protect the foundation of your home. It also helps to prevent erosion and basement flooding as well as protects your landscaping around your home.

By installing a rain gutter on your home you will be taking steps towards protecting your home’s exterior and interior. Preventing water damage and exterior paint/panel damage from the rain. Rain gutters also protect your home from growing mold or mildew from excessive amounts of rain. 

Cons Of Not Having A Rain Gutter

If you don’t have rain gutters on your home you could be damaging the foundation of and around your home. When your home lacks a rain gutter, the water from your roof will run onto the ground. Damaging the soil and foundation as the water is not properly irrigated. It will cause the growth of mold and can even cause rot to your trim. 

The excessive puddling from the rain will cause the water to seep into your foundation and cause mold and mildew to grow. As well as ruin your soil and garden. Too much water without proper irrigation is a clear sign of trouble on its way. 

How Do You Know If Your Home Needs Rain Gutters 

If you notice rust or cracks in your home’s foundation, then perhaps it’s time to install or upgrade rain gutters. Another sign that you are in need of rain gutters is the growth of mold or mildew. Either around your home or in the foundation of your home. The most noticeable sign that you may need rain gutters installed, is excessive puddling around your home after a rainfall. If you notice too much water hanging out everytime it rains. Then it’s time to consider installing rain gutters.

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Benefits of a Concrete Driveway

If you are looking for answers on why you should invest in a concrete driveway, then look no further! Here are some of the most common benefits of a concrete driveway and why you need one right away. Plus, if you are located in Hidden Hills, CA or its surrounding areas, then Cavalier Builders, Inc can help you! 

 1. Long-Lasting And Cost-Effective

Not only is a concrete driveway long lasting compared to its alternatives, it is also more cost effective. With proper care a concrete driveway can last up to 30 years or longer! Of course, it also depends on proper installation and maintenance of your driveway to make sure it lasts longer. Even though proper installation of concrete costs more up front, you’ll get your money’s worth with how long it lasts.

 2. Easy To Maintain

Even though concrete driveways require little maintenance. To make sure it lasts as long as possible it is recommended to keep up with at least keeping it clean. Cleaning your concrete driveway consists of using a pressure-washer and scrub brush to remove any stains or spills. Another easy maintenance trick is to apply a concrete sealer to add an extra layer of protection to your driveway.  

 3. Environmentally Friendly

Concrete driveways require less overall energy to produce and install it than other alternatives. Not only does it take less to make and install the concrete. But at the end of it’s 30-50 year lifespan, the concrete can be recycled and reused. So even with redoing your concrete driveway at the end of it’s lifespan, you can use the same concrete again!

 4. Adds Value To Your Home

If you are considering putting your home up on the market. Most homebuyers now prefer to have concrete driveways. So, by choosing to install a concrete driveway you are adding value to your home! One less thing your new homebuyer will have to do when they take over! It’s also a well-known fact that homes with concrete driveways tend to sell faster! 

 5. No Messy Surface Issues 

In comparison to other driveway alternatives. Once your concrete is dried, there will be no oily or sticky residues that bubble up to the surface. Meaning less mess on your driveway and in your home. This is very beneficial to homes in high-heat areas. Other driveway alternatives tend to evaporate different oils in heat that stick to your shoes and travel into your home. Concrete is just an easier and overall better alternative to this issue.

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