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Benefits To Adding A Walk In Closet

Have you ever thought about adding a walk-in closet to your home? Have you wondered if the addition would be worth the trouble? Can a walk-in closet actually have benefits? 

If these questions have gone through your mind, then the addition of a walk-in closet can be the answer. Walk-in closets can help to provide origination for your home. As well as the opportunity to declutter the rest of your home. The addition of a walk-in closet can also help to add square footage to your home as well as the much-needed appeal to set your home apart from so many others.


One of the many benefits of adding a walk-in closet is the ability to organize. With all the added space a walk-in closet will provide, one is the ability to organize your belongings. In a regular closet, your things can be hard to find and wrinkled, due to the lack of space, but the addition of a walk-in closet can help to solve that problem.

 The added space the walk-in closet will provide will give you all the room needed to organize your belongings. Whether it be shoes, clothing, accessories, even those important files a walk-in closet has you covered in so many ways.   


With all the added storage space provided by adding a walk-in closet the possibilities of decluttering are endless. Not only will your clothing be easier to find but with the added space you could declutter so much more than just your clothing closet. You could declutter more of your house as well.

 A walk-in closet could be used to store seasonal items, such as Christmas decorations, coats, or even that extra bedding that takes up so much room. For all the items that you are unsure of where to store, the walk-in closet can be a lifesaver. 

Save Time

By adding a walk-in closet, you allow yourself to keep all your clothing and accessories in the same place. This will allow you the time to get dressed each day without having to run from one room to the other. Being able to get dressed and look at your outfit all in the same room saves so much time. Finding the perfect outfit has never been easier. Your clothes, hampers, shoes, and jewelry are all in the same space! When you are ready you can just close the door and go.

Add Value To Your Home

The addition of a walk-in closet can add to the value of your home. So many people love a large closet and walk-in is the best of the best. A walk-in closet can provide the added appeal needed to make your house memorable. People have so much stuff and nowhere to put it. The addition of a walk-in closet can add additional square footage to your home. More square footage can equal more value.  

Contact Our Office

If you are thinking of adding a walk-in closet Cavalier builder is here to help. With locations in Hidden Hills, Los Angeles, Woodland, and La Mirada we have you covered. We are a family-owned and operated business since 1999 with customer service and quality being our top priorities. Have you ever thought about adding a walk-in closet to your home?

If you’re looking for quality home remodeling give us a call. We are experienced in room additions, kitchen, and bathroom remodeling. As well as, interior/exterior painting, roofing, patio work, complete plastering, construction and so much more. We offer free in-home design consultations as well as estimates. 

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Kitchen Remodel In Westlake Village, California

Kitchen Remodel In Westlake Village, California

If you’re looking to boost the value of your home, there’s arguably no better way to do it than remodeling your kitchen. In fact, you can see a big-time return on your investment with a kitchen renovation. This is good news for those who are looking to sell their home soon and want to boost the value of the home as much as possible. 

For example, the national average ROI for a major upscale kitchen remodel is almost 54%. That means you recoup about $68,000 after spending around $126,000. What about a smaller renovation project? The average cost of a minor kitchen remodel is about $21,000, and the average amount recouped is $17,000.

What to Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Whenever you’re remodeling a room in your home, there are many different things that you will have to consider. This is especially true for your kitchen. We wish it were as simple as replacing the countertops or installing a new refrigerator, but it isn’t. While these things are part of the process, there are other things as well. Here are some of the things you will need to consider when remodeling your kitchen:

  • Appliances and the best place to put them
  • Additional cabinets and drawers
  • Storage space
  • The right lighting
  • Overall style

With our experience in the area, we will ensure that everything is accounted for before beginning the renovation process. Our planning will ensure that you get the renovations that are best for you and the needs of your home. 

Our Work

Pictured in this post is some of the work we have done for our customers in the Westlake Village, California area. In these pictures, we worked with a customer who wanted to open their kitchen up. We started by removing walls in order to open up space. We then added new countertops and cabinets. To finish the project, we added new appliances so the homeowner can get the most out of their kitchen. Here are some of the other services we offer our clients:

  • Full kitchen remodel
  • Custom cabinets
  • Flooring
  • Cabinet refacing
  • Tile
  • Plumbing
  • Backsplash
  • Lighting

We offer a free quote to any homeowner who may be interested in a kitchen renovation. Give us a call and we can have a contractor at your home as quickly as possible to help get you started with your project!

Call Now!

If you’re in need of kitchen remodeling services, our team here at Cavalier Builders is here to help. We offer a wide range of kitchen remodeling services to the people of the Westlake Village, California area. Give us a call today to find out what it is we can do for you. 

Here are some pictures of our recent work:

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garage addition

What Are The Benefits of Adding A Garage to Your Home

Are you looking to add a garage to your home? There are many reasons that this is an added bonus and benefit to your home. Cavalier Builders in Woodland Hills, CA is a well-known company that can provide you with superb services. Their contractors are licensed, bonded, and insured. You will not regret using this wonderful business for your garage construction needs. 

Benefits of Adding A Garage

So, you want to have a garage built onto your home? There are many reasons that this is something that so many people want. Let’s review some of them now. 


Not all houses come with a garage and you are left to park your car in the driveway or on the street. While this is a very common thing for many people and it works just fine, they are risks that go along with it. A garage is going to offer you some security for your vehicle. 

The door can be shut, making it harder for someone to break into your car. Then there are the security measures that it adds for you when getting out of your car alone or at night. You can pull straight into the garage and shut the door before exiting the vehicle. 


Homes that have a garage either attached to the house or even a detached garage are going to hold a higher value than a house without one. It adds curb appeal, square footage, and a place for people to park their vehicles out of the weather. It is a necessity for many people when house hunting. 

Garages can be so versatile as well. Some people use theirs for game rooms, workshops, or storage. Whatever one is wanted for, it is a great addition to any home. You can never go wrong by adding value to your home. 


Parking your vehicle in the driveway or on the street is going to leave your vehicle open to the weather elements. Meaning when there is hail, rain, tornados, hurricanes, or anything else, your car can be damaged from it. If you have a garage to park it in you can protect your vehicle from that type of risk.


Clutter in the home is a big problem for many people. Sometimes there aren’t enough areas of storage to put things that you want to have out of the way. Attic space is limited and you just need more room. 

A garage is a great place to store things. You can add extra shelving or areas along the top to place them neatly. If it is done correctly, you can still have room to park the car. Storage room is a big topic when house hunting or owning a home. You can never have too much room to store things. 

Man Cave or A Place For Hobbies

Hobbies often come with a lot of equipment or supplies. Inside of your home may not have an open place to store or utilize the items that you need. You can turn your garage into a place to work and do the hobbies that you enjoy. 

Many people also take advantage of having a place to call a man cave. A garage is a great place to transform into a hangout area to watch a football game and hang with the guys. Parking the car isn’t the only a garage can be used for. 

Call Today

If you are ready to add a garage to your home, call Cavalier Builders Today. We are located in Woodland Hills, CA, and serve in the surrounding communities as well. Contact us today for more information and to schedule a time for a contractor to come out to your home. 

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house updates

What Are The Top 3 Most Suggested House Updates?

Are you looking to make some updates to your home? There are many reasons that people choose to make changes to their homes. Anything from getting it ready to sell or just because they are ready for a change. Whatever the reasons are, here is some helpful information about some areas that you can update and how it can benefit your home the most. 

Closet Remodel

Have you ever heard someone say their closet is too big? Probably not. That is why if the closets in your home are smaller in size, you should look into updating them. There are so many things that you can do to make an amazing closet remodel. Such as:

  • Make It A Walk-In Closet
  • Plenty Of Shelving
  • Drawer Space
  • Storage Options
  • Organization
  • Designated Areas For Items
  • Built-Ins

There are so many options when it comes to closets. Making them as versatile as possible and spacious is always a plus. There can never be too much closet space. If you are looking to sell your home, this is a great selling point and also an area to add value to your home. 

Bathroom Remodel

Are the bathrooms in your home outdated? Or are you just looking for a change? Either way, this is a great way to make some needed changes to your home that make a big difference. When selling your home, bathroom remodels will add value as well. 

The master bathroom in a home is always a nice place to add updates. Making it a relaxing place to be in. A luxurious and spacious bathroom is always a must for most women. Some updates that can be made are:

  • Bathtubs
  • Showers
  • Toilets
  • Vanities
  • Double Sinks
  • Updated Mirrors
  • Flooring

Kitchen Remodel

A remodeled kitchen is one of the most requested things that people want to do to their home. Having a pretty and new kitchen is so exciting. Some of the many things that you can do in this space are:

  • New Counter Tops
  • Add An Island
  • New Cabinets
  • Bigger Sink or Style of Sink
  • Add-In Cabinets
  • New Flooring
  • New Appliances
  • Change The Floor Plan
  • Add A Pantry

There are many reasons that people choose to remodel a kitchen. Ranging from not loving it from the day you bought the house to just needing more space. A kitchen remodel can be expensive depending on how much you want to do to it, so sometimes you have to wait a little bit to make the changes you want. 

Find A Company You Trust

Trying to find a construction company you trust can be hard sometimes. Remodeling is a big investment and you want it to be done efficiently. To find a company that has excellent contractors that you can trust, ask around for advice. 

Word of mouth is the best advertisement there is. Also, check reviews and credentials of the places you are considering. The next step is to figure out their prices and choose the one that best suits your budget for the project. 

We handle everything from garage remodeling to adding on to your home. To learn more about our remodeling services, then please call our office.

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shower remodeling

Shower Remodeling in Los Angeles, CA

Remodeling your bathroom is a great way to boost the property value of your home. More specifically, remodeling your shower is a great way to boost your value. If you’re in need of shower remodeling services in Los Angeles, California, our team here at Cavalier Builders is here to help! 

Can Remodeling Your Shower Boost Your Home’s Value?

There’s no reason to beat around the bush, your shower is prone to wear and tear and can start to look a little rough as the years go on. That’s why most experts recommend touching up the appliances in your bathroom every five years or so. This will ensure that your bathroom looks as clean and presentable as possible. 

Another massive benefit to remodeling your shower is that it can boost the value of your home. Depending on the current state of your shower, remodeling it can provide a massive boost. If your shower is dirty, worn down, and hardly functioning, it can greatly decrease the value of your home. 

Shower Remodeling Services

If you are in need of shower remodeling services, our team here at Cavalier Builders is here to help. We offer a wide range of shower remodeling services that can help you get the most out of your bathroom. Our bathroom remodeling services include:

  • Bathtub replacement — We offer American-made replacement tubs in a variety of colors, sizes, depths, and styles.
  • Bath-shower combination — When we install your new bathtub, you can select from a variety of showerheads and fixtures to create a bathing space that accommodates all your needs.
  • Shower replacement — Complete with a new base and wall surrounds, an updated shower will quickly become your favorite spot to unwind after a long day.
  • Tub-to-shower conversions — We can convert a tub to a shower to make the bathing area more practical for you and your family.

If you have any questions about the services we offer, feel free to give us a call and we can help! 

Shower Repair and Installation Services

On top of our remodeling services, we also offer shower installation and repair services. Your shower is incredibly important because you need to be clean and presentable when you step foot outside of your home! If something goes wrong with your shower, our team can help repair it in a timely manner. 

We can also install new showers and replace old showers. We can install walk-in tubs if that is what you are looking for. Walk-in tubs are a safe alternative for those who have a difficult time safely getting in and out of the tub or shower. 

Other Bathroom Renovation Services

You spend a lot of time in your bathroom, so you need one that is beautiful, functional, and makes getting ready easy. When you are ready for your Los Angeles bathroom to be remodeled, Cavalier Builders Inc. is your team of trusted remodeling contractors in Los Angeles. We specialize in bathroom remodeling and all types of house renovation in the Southern California area. Here are some of the other bathroom renovation services we offer:

  • Plumbing
  • Closet
  • Cabinets
  • Sinks
  • Tiling
  • Patching
  • Electrical and plumbing

No matter your renovation service needs, our team can help. Give us a call today to find out what it is we can do for you. 

Give Us a Call Today

When you are in need of shower remodeling services in the Los Angeles, California area, our team here at Cavalier Builders is here to help! We work hard to ensure your shower is exactly the way you want. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you. 

Check out some of our recent shower remodeling work.

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Shower Installation in West Hills, CA

Are you considering installing a new shower into your bathroom? If so, you are one smart homeowner! Installing a new shower into your bathroom is a great way to boost the property value of your home. If you are indeed looking to install a new shower, you need a contractor you can trust! Luckily, our team here at Cavalier Builders is here to help homeowners in the Los Angeles, California area! 

Trusted Contractors

No matter the contracting services you are in need of, our team here at Cavalier Builders is here to help. We have been a trusted name in the Southern California area for over 20 years, providing the people of the Los Angeles area with the remodeling services they are in need of. Over this team, we have built a reputation as being hard-working, punctual, trustworthy, friendly, and well-prepared. 

Our contractors have years of experience and training in the industry, so they can help you achieve your renovation dreams, no matter how crazy they may be. When you give us a call, we can have one of our team members at your home as soon as possible. We will begin working with you right away to get you the services you need. 

Shower Installation Services

Getting a new shower installed in your home is a great way to boost the property value of your home while also increasing the functionality of your bathroom. New shower technology has led to showers that are much more efficient and comfortable. Here are the different types of showers we can install:

  • Prefabricated shower
  • Custom shower
  • Manual mixer shower
  • Thermostatic mixer shower
  • Electric shower
  • Walk-in shower
  • Walk-in tub
  • Sliding door 

When it comes to installing a new shower, we want to be sure your visions are met. A new shower can be the centerpiece of an entire bathroom remodeling project, so it’s important to get it right. 

Shower Demo and Replacement

On top of our installation services, we can also get rid of older showers, replacing them with new showers. The demo process can be very difficult; luckily, our team of highly trained contractors is up to the task! In fact, we have recently finished a project in the Los Angeles area where we replaced an older shower with a new one. 

This shower replacement project wasn’t like most. The homeowner wanted us to move the shower to a different part of the bathroom. Because of this, we had to relocate the plumbing. If not done correctly, moving water pipes around can be disastrous and can lead to further issues down the line. 

Other Bathroom Remodeling Services

New shower installation is far from the only bathroom remodeling services we offer. Homeowners in the Los Angeles area chose us for many different bathroom renovation needs. Here are some of the other bathroom renovation services we offer:

  • Plumbing
  • Closet
  • Cabinets
  • Sinks
  • Tiling
  • Patching
  • Electrical and plumbing

No matter your renovation service needs, our team can help. Give us a call today to find out what it is we can do for you. 

Give Us a Call Today

If you’re looking to install a new shower into your bathroom, our team here at Cavalier Builders is here to help. We offer high-quality shower installation services to the people of the Los Angeles, California area. Give us a call today to find out what it is we can do for you and your home’s bathroom! 

Check out some of our recent work we did.

Shower installation in west hills ca

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What Is The Best Lighting You Can Buy For A Well Lit Room?

Are you looking for a way to get the best lighting for your home? Whether you are trying to light an office, laundry room, kitchen, or garage, there are many options that you can choose. Cavalier Builders is a company that does many home remodels, builds, and upgrades. They can give you an insight into things to look for and try to get the best lighting possible for your home. 

The type of lighting that you choose can really be a big deal. Think about sitting in your kitchen trying to read a recipe, but the lights are too dim for you to see well. Maybe, you are reading a book while sitting in your bedroom, you are going to need adequate lighting in order to not strain your eyes. Good lighting is something to pay good attention to. 

Best Lighting For A Kitchen

If you have a newly remodeled kitchen or you are just looking to upgrade the lighting in your kitchen, there are some things to consider. Not only the type of bulb you choose but also the placement of the lights themselves. Some of the type of lighting that you should try are:

  • Pendant Lighting
  • Linear Suspension Lighting
  • Track Lighting

Best Lighting For A Living Room

The living room in your home is a common meeting room for the whole family. Whether you are talking, watching TV, or playing a game, the type of lighting that you choose is important. You don’t want it to be too dim, here are some options to get a well-lit room:

  • Recessed Lighting
  • Chandeliers
  • Wall Sconces Can Add Good Lighting
  • Pendant Lighting

Best Lighting For The Bedroom

The lighting in your bedroom is a big decision. You need adequate lighting to see what you are doing and picking out clothing. If the light is too dim, you are going to find yourself trying to upgrade and change the lighting until it is better. Some good choices to try in a bedroom to make it better lighting are:

  • Can Lights
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Overhead Ceiling Fan With Lights

Best Lighting For A Laundry Room

The lighting that you have in your laundry room needs to be very good. As the person in charge of doing the laundry is going to need to be able to see well. Looking for stains and spots that need treatment, you can’t see them in dull lighting. A good voice for a small room such as a laundry room are:

  • Can Lighting
  • Some Type of Fluorescent Lights
  • LED Lights Give Great Brightness

Choosing The Bulb

When you are choosing the bulb to use for your home, you may be confused about which one to choose. There are so many different options and you may not be able to decide on which one will give them the brightness that you are looking for. You want something that is going to light the room well, but not like you are on an examining table. 

There are a few different types that you can choose from depending on the type of lighting that you have and its placement. Look into CFL bulbs for ones that are positioned overhead and halogen bulbs for track lighting. LED lights are also a good thing to look into, they also last a long time. 

Contact Cavalier Builders 

If you are interested in making some home improvements to your home or adding additional rooms, Cavalier Builders in Los Angeles have amazingly talented contractors. You will be greatly pleased with the work that will be provided. They can go beyond just the construction and give you advice on the lighting that will light the room up the best. Contact the office today to get the additional information that you need. 

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top appliances

What Are The Top Kitchen Appliance Must Haves In 2021

Remodeling a kitchen is full of excitement and fun. There are moments of stress and anxiety that are mixed in there as well. It becomes fun when you get to the point of picking out the appliances that you want to have installed in your brand new kitchen. 

Cavalier Builders is a fantastic company that can provide you with excellent service for your kitchen remodels. They have been in business for many years in the Woodland Hills community. The contractors that they hire are all licensed, bonded, and insured. If you are needing some suggestions for recommended appliance brands, we will discuss some of the most common ones below. 


Your stove is an appliance that gets used very often and you want to make sure that you are getting a quality brand. One that is going to hold up and last you as long as possible. Some brands to check out are:

  • GE Profile- this oven has many features that you will enjoy. Everything from 5 burners, self-cleaning, and many more. 
  • Samsung- They offer many options for stoves, but they have many with large oven capacity. Air fryers are the new thing that is very popular right now and they have one built into the appliance. Plus it works with smart apps. 
  • LG- This is a very popular brand that is coming out with more and more features. They have large ovens, air fryers, and 5 burners. The options are endless when shopping for LG. 

Garbage Disposal

One thing that can save you from having clogs and problems with the drain in your sink is to have a garbage disposal. You can not be as paranoid about the things going down your drain when you have one. Some recommended brands are:

  • GE
  • Waste King
  • Moen
  • InSinkErator


The refrigerator in your kitchen is probably one of the most important decisions that you can make. You want one that is going to last and offer you lots of room for storing food. There are some very unique and intriguing options out on the market right now. Some of them are:

  • Haier
  • Frigidaire
  • Danby


Your dishwasher is an area of your kitchen that most likely gets a lot of usages. For all the cooking that you are doing, you need a reliable dishwasher to clean all the dishes you use. One thing to remember is that not all are made equal. Some of the most recommended ones to look into are:

  • KitchenAid Stainless- This is a great option if you are needing something with lots of space to put your dishes. You also have many different cleaning cycle options to fit the needs that you have. 
  • Maytag- Choosing a Maytag dishwasher that is stainless steel is going to give you optimal usage from your appliance. 
  • GE Adora- This dishwasher is a great option that provides you with many options for cycles and does a superb job at cleaning your dishes. 


Picking out a microwave sounds like such an easy task. But, have you seen how many options there are to choose from now. They all have their own features and special things about them. Some of the most useful and reputable brands that you should consider are:

  • Toshiba
  • Sharp
  • GE

Contact Us Today

Cavalier Builders would love to be the company that you choose to provide you with remodeling and new build projects. We have helped so many people with their dreams for their kitchens in the Los Angeles, CA area. Contact us today to get more information and set up an appointment to meet with one of our contractors. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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bathroom remodel

Master Bathroom Remodel in Sherman Oaks, CA

Having a master bathroom that you feel is pretty and relaxing can make you happy. A place that you enjoy going into to destress and take a bath in the evening. Having functionality to the bathroom in the master bedroom is also an important aspect to pay attention to. 

When you have two people constantly in and out of that bathroom and getting ready at the same time, you want things to flow. Cavalier Builders is a reputable business that has trained and qualified general contractors to help with bathroom remodels. They are located in Woodland Hills, CA, and serve in surrounding communities as well.

What Is A Master Bath

Many houses have a master bathroom and many do not. When there is a bathroom that is connected to the master bedroom, it is referred to as the master bathroom. They are usually larger and more fit for two people to be in at a time. 

Does A Master Bath Add Value To Your Home

If you are contemplating putting your house on the market, you are probably making some necessary updates to your home to help the resale. If your home does not have a master bath in it and you have the funds to put one in, do it. This can increase the resale value of your home. 

If you do have a master bath, but it is out of date and needing some attention, do it. People pay attention to a couple of things primarily when looking at houses. The kitchen, the master bedroom, and the master bath. While this won’t always make or break a deal, it can definitely help. 

Do You Have To Have A Bathtub in The Master Bathroom

While having a nice sized bathtub in the master bath is a great selling point for relaxation and luxury, it is not necessary. If you are deciding on whether or not to add one, if the funds are not there, don’t do it. While any added perks of a home are going to add value, sometimes it is just an added expense for you. 

If you only have a shower in the master bath, that is okay. If you feel some changes need to be made, you could upgrade the shower area. Make it larger, add special shower heads, new tile, or something else to add a special touch to it. 

How Much Is a Master Bath Remodel

Remodeling a bathroom can be a costly project, one with many benefits, but costly. If you have a budget you want to stick to, make sure you make that clear to your general contractor so they know where you stand. They can give you advice on what would benefit you the most for the budget you have set. 

Every business is different in what they charge, one may be more than the other and one may be less. Just have a set budget you are wanting to spend, and make it known to the company doing the work. You can choose to go all out with your remodel or you can choose to make some upgrades. It is all up to you and your budget. 

Let Cavalier Builders Help You With Your Renovations

It is always a fun experience to make upgrades to your home. The thought of having new and updated aspects to your master bath is thrilling. Cavalier Builders would love to be the company that you choose to help you with your dreams for your bathroom. If you are ready to start your project, call us today for more information. 

Check out some of our work below:

bathroom remodel

bathroom remodel

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closet remodel

Closet Remodel in Sherman Oaks

Is it time for an upgrade to your closet? There are many reasons that you may want to remodel your closet. More room, better layout, or even to make more room by expanding it. Whatever the reasons may be, it is definitely a task that can have a great ending result. 

Cavalier Builders is an excellent company that has skilled and knowledgeable general contractors. They are experienced and trained to give you the best customer service possible. If you need advice on what will work best or how to do something efficiently, they can assist with the advice that you are needing. 

How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Closet

The first thing you want to do when you are wanting to remodel your closet is to set a budget. This budget needs to be what you are willing to spend and can afford. Then from there, you need to research and see what all you can get done with that budget. 

As far as how much a remodel costs, it depends on how extravagant you are wanting to go. You can make minimal changes at a low cost. Then you can be looking at a large expense if you are wanting a total makeover or trying to add square footage to it. 

Organize Your Closet

One of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself if you are redoing your closet is to make it function well for you. Take everything out of the closet, get rid of everything you don’t use or want, then only put back in what you actually use. Have designated places for everything that goes back into it. 

Adding Storage To Your Closet

Everyone wants more storage, that is an area that many people feel they don’t have enough of. Finding ways to add in places to store things wherever you can. On the floor level, a built-in dresser would be a great idea.

When everything has a place, even the seasonal items you don’t use as often, it can look cleaner and put together.  Clutter can make you go crazy and this will eliminate that. Doing these things can make your closet a place you enjoy walking into, rather than cringing at the mess. 

Additional Perks

Once you get your closet designed and the size you are wanting, there are some things that you can do to finish things off. Adding little touches to make it pop more or to add a little unique design in. Some of the things that you can do are:

  • Make sure all of your hangers are hung in the same direction
  • Have a designated area for shoes to reside, that is not on the floor
  • If built-in drawers were not added, put a vanity or a dresser in there for more drawer space
  • Place baskets on shelves to put odd end things in to make it look prettier
  • When hanging your close back up, try and color coordinate and style sort things
  • You can add hooks in areas that you want to hang purses, scarves, or belts
  • If you add in telescoping rods, you can have use of them when you need them or fold them down when you don’t to be out of the way

Call Us For More Information

If you are ready to begin your remodel, don’t wait any longer to call us for an appointment. Cavalier Builders in Woodland Hills, CA is the trained and qualified company you want to give your business to. The General Contractors that they hire are licensed and bonded. We can answer any questions or concerns that you may have, we look forward to hearing from you. 

Some of the work that we completed.  

closet remodel closet remodelcloset remodel closet remodel

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