Are Gray Bathrooms Outdated?

Are Gray Bathrooms Outdated?

October 8, 2022

When you hear the word “gray”, the terms that come to mind may not be attractive. You may think dull, bland, lacking in color or inspiration, dreary, etc. So, when you think of updating the colors of your home. Think neutral colors instead of bland. The real question is has gray been replaced with colors that may be brighter, cheerier, warmer, and welcoming? Are gray bathrooms outdated?

Subtle, Sophisticated, Sexy

One major bonus to the color gray is the sheer amount of options and different colors and shades that come with the color gray. With the right tone and color coordination/scheme, gray can be instantly transformed from something calling thoughts of somber and dreary images to something much more sophisticated and luxurious, even sexy or hot.

The color gray is also a wonderful color for the bathroom. That is an area where you can spend a large amount of time. The neutral vibe is much less loud or excessive as some colors may come with time or lighting. It is reported that updated bathrooms utilize neutral colors like whites, grays, and natural stone in their design and color scheme. 

Plays Well With Others

Since gray is such a neutral color, it has the added benefit of being a color that can almost literally go with anything. Gray has the bonus of complimenting nearly any color with its subtle hues and its neutrality. 

Aside from gray being so complimentary to other colors, it is also a color that can be the perfect in-between color for a bathroom. For example, dark colors or blacks may contribute to the bathroom. Feeling too dark or dingy, moreover, a brighter color such as white might be too light.

Reflective And Cool

When you think of your bathroom after a long day. You probably call up mental imagery of a hot bath or shower, something relaxing. Gray is that perfect neutral, that classic in-between that doesn’t carry weight. Like a darker color might or the loud effect that a lighter color may have.

This color also has a calming effect that speaks to tranquility and calm. Gray is also a wonderful color for the bathroom. Since it is light and bright enough to be reflective of light while remaining soft enough to not be harsh. Neutral colors, such as gray, often are beneficial in creating an atmosphere that feels more relaxed and serene.

Spontaneity is great – thinking of something you might like in your own space and going for it. The downside to spontaneity is oftentimes that same thrill from something loved or admired a month before has just as quickly disappeared and now thoughts are on the next big change. Gray is a color for any bathroom that is sure to outlast any spontaneous ideas. 

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