Western Museum of Flight

History that engages everyone from children to the older generation, the Western Museum of Flight has something to fascinate everyone.  This gives a chance for everyone to learn something about such a unique piece of history, when man took flight and everything after.  With events like lectures from special speakers or just learning more about the history of flight in the western part of the country, there is always something to look at and learn from.

Where Is The Museum Located?

You can fly into a new experience at the Western Museum of Flight by visiting them at 3315 Airport Drive, Torrance, California, 90505.  Located in the Palos Verdes district, it’s very easy to get here from anywhere in the Los Angeles area.  Not to mention, there is plenty for you to do and more to explore after the museum.

What Can I Do At The Western Flight Museum?

With 300 models in their collection, you can see scaled down models of the aircrafts and fighter jets, even some replicas and original models of the gorgeous aircrafts.  They even house the first prototype of the Nothrop YF-17 “Cobra.” Not only are there fighter jets and other military aircrafts, there are drones as well, such as Radioplane RP-76 and RP-5A. You can even see one of the earlier models of a flight device with a replica of the 1883 Montgomery Glider and the 1942 model of a C3 Trainer Link. If you or a family member has ever worked on aircrafts or enjoys them, you will enjoy exploring this museum.

Other Things To Do Nearby

After your trip to the Flight Museum, you might want to continue your learning endeavor, the Lomita Railroad Museum is a stone’s throw away. If you’re looking  for a more relaxing or exciting endeavor, the Redondo Pier is just around the corner. Redondo Pier offers plenty of rides, restaurants and games for you to enjoy. Even if you just want to walk the beach and enjoy the sounds of the waves, look for seashells, check the tide pools for small creatures, or run through the tide, the Palos Verde beach is just around the corner as well.

How To Get To The Attraction From The Business Location

Check out the driving instructions below on how to get to the Flight Museum. You can also visit another fun place with your family by clicking here.

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