Starting a major kitchen remodel can be a little intimidating. There are so many design ideas to choose from. Where should you begin? Whether you’re planning a full kitchen remodel, or a few small kitchen updates, our list is full of the latest must-have design ideas. Pick your favorites and watch your newly updated kitchen come to life!

A Farmhouse Sink

Some homeowners prefer a divided sink basin, while others prefer a large single sink. The appeal of a single sink is that it’s large enough to soak bakeware and pans while laying flat. Another benefit we love of having a large sink is that you have a spacious place to put all the dishes when you are entertaining. 

Open Shelving To Show Off Your Dishes

Have you tried open shelving in your kitchen? As a nice alternative to a sea of doors, open shelving divides up the cabinets in your kitchen. Wood shelves, such as the floating oak kind, provide a look of warmth to the room. Additionally, shelving is the perfect place to add artwork or serving pieces to give your kitchen some personality!

Corner Drawers 

If you have the chance to include corner drawers in your kitchen renovation, take it. You won’t regret your decision! In place of a lazy susan with clunky hinged doors and turntables, the corner drawers are simple to use. They are great for storing long goods that are challenging to fit in normal depth drawers. You’ll also find the bottom drawers to be functional and very spacious.

Choose As Many Drawers As Possible

A top tip any homeowner can receive about a kitchen remodel is to add drawers, drawers, and more drawers! One way to add them is to choose all drawers in your new kitchen island. Drawers are efficient in storing everything from pots and pans and food storage containers to bakeware and baggies. Drawers are also useful for storing extra school supplies for your kids.

Pantry With Pullout Shelves

If your kitchen doesn’t have room for a walk-in pantry, a deep pantry cabinet with multiple pullout shelves is a handy and functional alternative. This type of pantry can hold a lot of canned food and baking supplies. In fact, with everything at your fingertips, it will help make your kitchen organization a breeze! 

Upgrade Your Countertops

Did you know that your countertops can make or break your kitchen? Countertops are also usually the first thing that people notice when entering the kitchen. Upgrading to quartz or marble will not only make them stand out from the rest but they will also last much longer. 

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