What are some popular home remodeling trends?

What are some popular home remodeling trends?

April 7, 2023

Home remodeling trends have changed dramatically, reflecting design preferences, technology, and the economy. There has been a significant shift in recent years toward eco-friendliness, affordability, and functionality, with homeowners choosing sustainable materials and smart home technologies. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the emphasis on creating comfortable and functional spaces. With new trends and changes emerging every year, staying current on the latest home remodeling trends ensures that your home remains modern, functional, and comfortable for years to come. 

Popular Remodeling Trends of 2023

According to Brit Angelesco, ZLINE executive director and in-house trend expert, homeowners will seek affordable and sustainable home renovation options in 2023. Raw materials and textures are becoming more popular as they are less expensive and more environmentally friendly. These materials are also perfect for homeowners who want to add warmth to their home along with unique and natural beauty. Upgrade homes and increase resale value by doing it yourself or combining DIY and contractors. According to the experts, the following are some top home remodeling trends in 2023.

Kitchens Are More Distinct And Personalized Spaces.

According to experts, kitchens are increasingly becoming showcases for personal design styles and perspectives, incorporating calming tones such as water and botanical-inspired blues and greens. Warm neutrals and natural raw materials are also becoming more popular in kitchen design. Kitchen islands and home bars used as beverage centers and wine refrigerators are still popular. With upgrades such as these, homeowners planning to sell may also see a significant difference in their ability to sell and their ROI.

More Color And Calmness In The Bathroom

The bathroom is now regarded as a personal retreat worthy of an upgrade. Natural elements such as stone and wood and leafy green tones are popular for bringing the calming feel of the outdoors inside. The bathroom is also being treated as a personal spa, with monochromatic metal gradients and colorful lights in the shower to create a sensory experience. After all, don’t you deserve a private space just for you after a long day on the job or at home with the kids? Upgrades like these will help generate and provide the complete privacy and calming effect that you need and deserve. 

Mesh Indoor/Outdoor Areas

Bringing the outside in and vice versa is still popular in 2023. Large-scale windows and double doors are becoming more popular as homeowners seek ways to interact with nature. These areas and upgrades allow you to enjoy the outdoors without being a victim of unwanted pests and insects. Retractable screen doors for wide entrances are also likely to become more popular to maintain a connection to nature.

Add Some Curves

Curved furniture and architecture will be popular in 2023. They soften sharp edges and provide movement to any area. A circular mirror, coffee table, accent chair, sofa, or rug are simple ways to embrace the trend. A round garden, terrace, kitchen island, or built-in bookcases are more options. Curved furniture saves space while adding a natural vibe to any environment.

Commonly Asked Questions About Popular Home Remodeling Trends

Below are a few of the more commonly asked questions in regards to popular home remodeling trends and how to get the most out of your next project. 

What Are The Most Popular Home Improvements?

Interior painting is high on this list because it is relatively cheap to commit to when compared to other home improvement projects and tasks. However, bathroom remodels, flooring and exterior painting are also top contenders. A fresh coat of exterior paint invites the eyes of those passing by to admire your home, while interior projects such as a bathroom remodel allow visitors (or buyers if you are selling) to awe at the new beauty that is your inner sanctuary.

How Much Does A Remodeling Project Cost?

Pricing typically depends on the extent of change you wish to see in your project and the area of the home that you are remodeling. Master bathrooms and kitchens can be very expensive and require extensive work but pay off big in the end. Closet upgrades, guest bedroom makeovers, and home offices are some of the less pricey projects and can be done rather quickly when compared to other areas of the home. 

Which Interior Projects Add The Most Value? 

For many homeowners, remodels may be done to improve the livability and function of the home. However, remodels can also help with boosting your ROI when planning to sell your home. Interior projects that help generate the most ROI for homeowners planning to sell include:

  • Refinishing hardwood floors
  • New wood flooring
  • Upgrading insulation
  • Basement conversions
  • And closet upgrades and renovations

When you are selling your home, you want the most bang for your buck, which means knowing what will help sell the home and help it sell at a healthy price. For more information on beneficial projects and for fair pricing quotes, contact Cavalier Builders today. 

Which Exterior Projects Help Generate The Most ROI?

When planning to sell a home, it is important to remember that the exterior requires just as much attention as the interior. Vinyl windows and siding are excellent candidates for homeowners looking to boost their ROI upon sale. And both new garage doors and roofing also tend to provide homeowners with a sure and healthy cost recovery rate. It is important to consider items that will draw the eye of buyers and will provide you, the seller, with a decent recovery at the time of the final sale. Contact Cavalier Builders today for an in-home design consultation and estimate. 


House renovation trends come and go, but not all will suit the design of your home. So, make creative changes that fit your preferences. Consider your budget, your family’s lifestyle and any special requirements before beginning a renovation project. A renovation can make you a happier homeowner while also increasing the value of your home if you decide to sell it in the future. Contact us to learn more. 

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