Hollywood Wax Museum®

Have you ever wanted to meet your favorite celebrity? This might feel impossible, seeing as their schedules are probably not the same as ours. The Hollywood Wax Museum gives the opportunity for you to meet a stand still, life size statue of them made fully from wax. 

Where Is The Museum Located?

The Hollywood Wax Museum is located in the heart of Hollywood, at 6767 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90028. Having been opened in 1965 the wax museum can provide with nearly 6 decades of wax models for fans to see in awe. The museum is only closed one day a year, the night of the academy awards, when the real life version of the wax statues that you see inside the museum are walking the red carpet outside! 

What To Do At The Attraction?

Here at the Hollywood Museum, you can see the stars that you love in wax form. You can even get close enough to take a picture with them.  With more than 115 wax models, you could never run out of ideas for those famous pictures that you see featured on social media.  You, too, can visit the most visited attraction in Hollywood. Remember that these statues are lifesize, so you may be shocked by the height of your favorite celebrity. 

More Attractions To Visit in Hollywood

There are boundless activities for you to complete in Hollywood, an all out experience that offers hours or even days of fun. You can visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame and see the names of over 2,600 stars stretched down Hollywood Boulevard. You can attend the Dave and Busters around the corner from the Hollywood Wax Museum, you might catch a glance at a star enjoying their day off! Walking around the corner, you can take your own red carpet ready photo in front of the Dolby Theater or hike out to the Hollywood sign. From the side streets, you may be able to pose your picture of you holding the Hollywood Sign. 

How To Get To The Hollywood Wax Museum from Cavalier Builders

Our office is located at 20121 Ventura Blvd Suites, Woodland Hills, CA, 91364, only a quick drive from the Hollywood Wax Museum. If you’re trying to plan your day of fun and have a meeting scheduled with us but you plan to visit the museum after, you’re only one interstate drive away from meeting the model of the stars. You can also check out another fun location here near Cavalier. 

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