Hollywood Sign

While the great state of California is home to many beautiful and well-known landmarks, it may be safe to say that the Hollywood Sign is perhaps one of the most recognizable. From its many appearances in films, video games, and television shows, the sign has quite literally been everywhere. 

Where Is The Hollywood Sign Located?

The Hollywood Sign is located in Los Angeles, CA 90068, on Mount Lee. Being that the sign is atop a hill, as well as quite large itself, many visitors have no trouble at all viewing the sign. However, for a closer look at the sign there are a few places you can hike from to get the desired closer look. The Bronson Canyon Entrance to Griffith Park or from Griffith Observatory visitors can hike to get a closer vantage point of the sign. As well as a trailhead near the Lake Hollywood Reservoir outside of Griffith Park, which also provides a popular scenic vista point around Lake Hollywood Park for visitors. 

What To Do At The Hollywood Sign?

Because of the sign’s popularity and the potential dangers that arise with such popular locations as this one, the sign itself is fenced in in order to keep overly curious or excited visitors out, as well as potential vandals and those with ill-intent for the beloved landmark. However, that does not mean that you cannot still take photos or selfies with the sign from an approved and appropriate distance or location that allows for such a memorable moment. There are also many hiking and picnicking places all in good view of the sign for any visitors who wish to enjoy a little nature or a small bite to eat with the sign. 

Other Things To Do Nearby

Another great way to not only see the sign but other areas of the surrounding area, as well, is to take a tour! Glitterati Tour is one the top rated tour companies in the area and even allows you to customize your own private tour so that you get the experience and tour that you want! There are also plenty of delicious bites to be explored in the area, including the Beachwood Cafe The Santuari, and The Smoke House. Universal Studios Hollywood is also nearby and another great way to add to your Los Angeles visit. Packed with entertainment and thrilling rides, Universal Studios Hollywood is sure to be hit with the family!

How To Get To The Hollywood Sign From Cavalier Builders, Inc. 

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