Walt Disney’s Carolwood Barn

Walt Disney’s Carolwood Barn is a living showcase of Walt’s passion for trains and was formed in 2005 by dedicated Disney fans who love trains as much as they love Walt. The trains on display are of all scales, as well as many of Walt’s personal items such as his work benches that were crafted by him. Walt used the barn as a workshop for his beloved hobby of building miniature trains. Walt reportedly often referred to his barn as his happy place. 

Where Is Walt Disney’s Carolwood Barn Located?

Walt Disney’s Carolwood Barn is located at 5202 Zoo Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027. The Barn was built by Walt as a replica from the Disney farm in Marceline, MO. It stood as the center of operations for his Carolwood Pacific Railroad, a 1/8th scale live-steam railroad that Walt built in 1950. The Barn was moved by Disney’s family in 1999, to the Live Steamers Railroad Museum in Los Angeles, CA. 

What To Do At Walt Disney’s Carolwood Barn?

Walt Disney’s Carolwood Barn is a family-friendly and fun attraction for train lovers of all ages. The experience is also educational as younger generations learn about the crucial roles that railroads served in the building of early America. A wonderful attraction that can be viewed here alongside Walt’s trains is the Retlaw 1 Combine, a baggage car that Walt was fondly familiar with from his years as a boy working on the Missouri Pacific train. Another attraction in the collection includes Ollie Johnston’s Station.

Other Things To Do Nearby

Other surrounding attractions near Walt Disney’s Carolwood Barn include the Griffith Observatory, a place where you can travel to the farthest reaches of the universe or immerse yourself into the microscopic building blocks of life. Griffith park is another wonderful attraction in which you can enjoy the largest urban-wilderness municipal park in the US. Griffith Park is a great outdoor adventure for anyone seeking trials, trees, and wildlife, as well as a glimpse of the famous Hollywood Sign! And no trip to Los Angeles would be complete without visiting what some boast as being the world’s greatest wax museum – Madame Tussauds Hollywood. Enjoy breathtaking wax creations of your favorite Marvel superheroes, pop icons, and much, much more!

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