Bradbury Building

As the oldest standing commercial in Los Angeles, the Bradbury Building is an important part of the area’s history. While they’re unsure of the true architect, the beautiful interior courtyard of the building has been the setting for thousands of pictures. This building is a beautiful historic sight to visit after leaving the Cavalier Builders Inc office.   

Where Is The Bradbury Building Located?

The Bradbury building is located not far from the financial district of Los Angeles or the Bunker Hill district. Nestled on the corner of South Broadway Street and West 3rd Street, this historic building is located in one of the older villages of the Los Angeles area. Centrally located, you can get to almost anywhere in Los Angeles via the public transportation system from the Bradbury building. 

What To Do At The Bradbury Building?

The Bradbury building is a highlighted stop on the Historic Los Angeles walking tour. While visiting the building you can walk the stairs and hold the gorgeously crafted iron rails. As well, you can learn the history of the building while walking the specially made marble floors. During the tour, you can hear about George H. Wyman taking over construction and the installation of the open cage elevator. You can take your own special picture of the famous Bradbury Building courtyard.

Other Things To Do Nearby

Being in the central area of Los Angeles, there is plenty to do, or eat, in the surrounding area. From an Indian restaurant, BADMAASH, to an Mexican restaurant, Señor Fish, there are plenty of different cultural foods to indulge yourself in, including Petit Paris down the street. If you want to shop with the stars, California Plaza isn’t too far away with plenty of stores to choose from. Of course, you can visit the primary attractions of Hollywood, including the Hollywood sign, the Hollywood walk of fame  and the Hollywood wax museum.  You can also grab a drink with friends at the Lexington Bar, The Lash or the Continental Club.

How To Get To The Bradbury Building from Cavalier Builders Inc

A 23 miles drive from Cavalier Builders Inc, you can take in some inspiration for you next renovation. If you’re looking to get from the office, located at 20121 Ventura Boulevard, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, to the Bradbury building, you just have to take a quick trip down the interstate. During your ride, you will catch a glimpse of the Universal Studios of Hollywood from the interstate. Click here for another attraction. 

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