Visit Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is breathtakingly beautiful with their verdant vineyards, soaring mountains, and soft sand coastlines that seem to stretch on forever. No matter what you crave – arts and culture, food and wine, or perhaps a relaxing day in the sun and water – Santa Barbara has got it all. 

Where Is Santa Barbara Located?

Located near the Santa Ynez Mountains in the Golden State of California, Santa Barbara is a popular spot for vacationers. With Mediterranean temperatures and gorgeous Spanish-Mediterranean style buildings, the city beckons all who hunger for adventure and fun in the sun. 

What To Do In Santa Barbara?

The obvious suggestion on what to do in Santa Barbara would be to visit one of their fine beaches. However, there is also a maritime museum and sea center near the waterfront that visitors and their young ones would enjoy. Get up close with some of the creatures that call the Santa Barbara Channel home and learn about the watery world beneath the waves. 

And you won’t want to miss Santa Barbara’s living exhibit, the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. The mission behind the garden is to conserve the state’s native plants and habitats for the enjoyment of future generations. Whether your purpose for visiting is to become educated, donate, or simply unwind and relax among nature’s beauty, the garden is something you won’t want to miss. 

Other Things To Do Nearby

Composed of eight islands and easily reached by boat or plane, the Channel Islands offers visitors sandy beaches and inland trails that are waiting to be relaxed upon and explored. This national park is a true Eden for the many plants and creatures that call its sands and waters home. 

And why not relax further with the Santa Ynez Valley wine tour? You can taste some of the finest wines that the region has to offer, as well as take in breathtakingly beautiful views of the countryside. You will tour three wineries via a luxury passenger van. 

How To Get To Santa Barbara From Chris James Landscaping

Looking to have some commercial or residential landscaping done? Head over to our friends at Chris James Landscaping. And afterwards, why not take the week off and head over to Santa Barbara, CA.? You can fly or drive. What are you waiting for? Adventure awaits! Click on this link to visit another local attraction.

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