When remodeling a room where do you start?

When remodeling a room where do you start?

April 27, 2022

A home remodel is a lot of work, excitement, and sometimes a little stressful. When you have a good laid out plan, it can help the project get completed more successfully. Before the remodel begins, make a plan of where you will start and in what order you will complete tasks. That way, there is a plan in place to help you be as successful as possible.

Tear Out Unwanted Objects

If you need to perform demolition or tear-downs, you will want to start with that step. You will need to get out all unwanted items and objects from the space. That way, you have an open space to work with. Walls, built-ins, and more all need to be removed if they are not included in the end results. 


Any mechanical installations that need to be made to the space need to be done after the demolition. That way proper placement and accessibility can be made. Some of the mechanical and other installations that can be done at this point are:


  • Wiring
  • Plumbing
  • Insulation
  • Drywall

When these steps are done in this order, it can help you from messing up any of the work you have done in order to install these items. Drywall will include mudding and taping. It can become a messy task, so it is often preferred to get it done and over with will. 

Cabinets and Window Framing

The next step is installing built-ins or cabinets that are being put into the room. That way the spacing is figured out, and the painting can be completed. This is also a perfect time to frame windows and more. 

Paint and Trim 

The fun part comes next, choosing your colors. You are ready to paint the walls of the room. It’s often done before the flooring. The baseboards are also laid at this point too. 

Some general contractors choose to do it at the time of the flooring, and some choose to do it before. It is a matter of preference from the person performing the task.

Flooring and Styling

Flooring is last and the part that makes the whole project come together. No matter how long it takes you, this entire process will feel more complete once the flooring is put in. Now you are able to out your flare and style into the space. You can begin decorating and completing the room.

By following the proper steps to a remodel, you will have a less stressful experience. It will also keep the nerves and anxiety at bay as well. Let your remodeling process be an enjoyable one.

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