What Are The Benefits Of Installing A Walk in Tub

What Are The Benefits Of Installing A Walk in Tub

August 31, 2021

What are the Benefits of Installing a Walk-In Tub?


If you have mobility issues, you may have thought about having a walk-in tub installed in your bathroom. This can help make your bathing time safer, more comfortable, and also therapeutic. There are many benefits to having a walk-in tub in your home, and there are also a few disadvantages; here at Cavalier Builders, we want to make you aware of the benefits and help you decide if a walk-in tub is something that could help you in your home.

What is a walk-in tub?

You may not have heard of a walk-in tub before, and that is okay. A walk-in tub is a bathtub with a water-tight door, allowing the bather to step into the tub over a shallow threshold. It can increase the safety of the bather while getting in the bath. The door then closes, and the tub fills with water. After the tub has drained, you can open the door and step out easily and comfortably. 

There are several different makes and models of walk-in tubs, and they can meet the needs of most anyone. While you can get some taller tubs and some wider, it often depends on the space you have in your home for one. Our team would be glad to help you in deciding what the best fit for your bathroom is. 


Benefits of a Walk-In Tub

Bathing can be difficult the older you get and even for adults and children with disabilities. Getting in and out of a traditional tub can also be unsafe and uncomfortable. However, a walk-in tub can make bathing easier and safer for you. Here are some of the benefits that can come when you have a walk-in tub installed in your home.

Safety Benefits

When you have a walk-in tub, they are safer than a traditional tub. With the design, you can walk over a small threshold and sit in the tub easily. This makes the chance of slipping and falling less than with a traditional tub. Walk-in tubs also have many safety features attached to make the transition easier. Most have safety bars installed, anti-scald valves, slip-resistant flooring, and built-in seating. Some tubs are even equipped with more safety features such as safety switches and self-cleaning systems, which can help with mold and bacteria growth. 

Comfort Benefits

There is nothing like a walk-in tub when it comes to comfort, especially if you have trouble standing in the shower for extended periods. Walk-in tubs allow for easy access and will enable you to sit comfortably. The deeper water levels make cleaning your upper body a breeze. Some walk-in tubs can even have extra features to make it feel more like a spa, such as heated seats and even sound systems.

Health Benefits

When it comes to health benefits, the walk-in tub has several. They make bathing safe and convenient and can improve your overall health. If you are suffering from arthritis, diabetes, or muscle pain, you can benefit from the soothing effects of a walk-in tub. The walk-in tub can also help improve circulation, leading to increased mobility and less pain when you are mobile. Walk-in tubs also offer you peace of mind when you are relaxing and know you can get in and out yourself without the worry of falling and getting hurt.

For Walk-In Tub Installation

If you are looking to get a walk-in tub installed in your home, the team at Cavalier Builders would love to help. We have been serving customers in the Los Angeles area for years. Our number one goal is to help you gain your independence. We would love to hear from you; give us a call at 1-800-749-5765.


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