Watts Towers Arts Center

The Watts Towers, also known as Simon Rodia’s Towers or Nuestro Pueblo (Spanish for “Our Town”), is a group of interconnected sculpture towers, architectural structures, and mosaics. Rodia, an Italian immigrant construction worker, and tile mason, designed and constructed the entire site’s towers, buildings, sculptures, and walls during a 33-year period. The work is an example of outsider art or Art Brut.

Where Is Watts Towers Arts Center Located?

The Arts Center can be visited at 1727 E 107th St., Los Angeles, CA 90002. It is located just southeast of downtown Los Angeles in the heart of Watts, CA. The South Los Angeles area borders the towns of Lynwood and South Gate.

What To Do At Watts Towers Arts Center?

Events such as a Jazz Festival and a Drum Festival are held annually at the Center, bringing vendors, artisans, and musicians for visitors. Classes in photography, painting, music, dance, and gardening, just to name a few, are offered to students of all ages, in a non-competitive environment. Ever-changing exhibits, tours, and seminars are held throughout the year. 

Other Things To Do Nearby

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How To Get To The Arts Center From Cavalier Builders

Follow the detailed directions listed below to get to the Watts Towers Arts Center from our Woodland Hills location. Click here for another location to visit.

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