Top Renovations Everyone Wants In 2021

Top Renovations Everyone Wants In 2021

May 28, 2021

Are you looking to remodel your home? Some awesome designs are trending right now in 2021. If you are looking for a fantastic contracting company to help you with your renovations, contact Cavalier Builders. The contractors at our company are all licensed, bonded, and insured to give you the confidence you need in hiring us. 

What Are You Renovating?

When it comes to renovating your home, you may be torn on where to begin. Renovations are an expensive and time-consuming project to start at your home. If you are trying to stick to a tight budget, you may have to get a little creative in your planning. 

If you like to keep up with what is in style and trending, you want a company that can deliver that to you. Let’s look into what is trending right now in 2021.

Spa-Like Bathrooms

2021 has brought about people who stay home more these days. You couldn’t get out and go to the spa with the pandemic. Therefore, you had to make the spa come to you. Que all the comfy, cozy, and relaxing vibes that you can find. 

Bathroom remodels are a big thing right now. You can do many things to make your bathroom a more relaxing retreat for you to hide away in—everything from a bathtub with jets and oversized rain showerheads. 

Home Office Renovations

The recent pandemic caused many people who never have worked remotely to begin doing so. For many people, this was a struggle in many different ways. One, they had to find a place at home to work and accomplish their daily tasks. Two, it is challenging to separate work-life from home-life when it is all in the same place.

If your only option was to work at the kitchen table, it probably isn’t working out too well for you. Many businesses found that they can keep many of their employees working from home. Many people are renovating their homes in 2021 to add in a home office, whether that is through an addition to their home or garage conversion. 

Accent Wall Designs

Accent walls are not a new thing. Many people have one area of their walls that are another color or design. The difference is, many people didn’t require a nice background for their work video conferences. Fun, sophisticated, or funky accent walls are a nice aesthetic to the back of their zoom call. 

The trend in 2021 is to go above just a pop of color on a wall but to add a design to it. A professional contractor or designer can assist you with what would look best for your home. There are so many ideas that you can go with, such as statement wallpaper, unique shelving, stained glass designs, and so much more. 

Outdoor Gathering Areas

2020 brought on a lot of family time. This was one of the few plus sides of the pandemic. This sparked many renovations made to the exterior of people’s homes. 

When the weather warms up just a little bit, many people will be ready to begin 2021 with some gatherings now that COVID is lessening. The outdoor spaces that were built will be the perfect spot for outdoor fun. Some great ideas are:

  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Outdoor Pizza Oven
  • Patios and Decks
  • Swing Sets
  • Pergolas
  • And More

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