The Norton Simon Museum

The Norton Simon Museum is a gorgeous art museum in the Los Angeles area. Open Thursday through Monday, 12pm to 5pm, you can engulf yourself in this art any time during the week. With ever changing exhibits, you will be able to see different genres of art throughout the museum.

Where Is The Norton Simon Museum Located?

The Norton Simon Art Museum is located at 411 West Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, California, 91105. Not too far from central Los Angeles, just outside the Old Pasadena branch,  the museum is the perfect place to spend time without the hustle and bustle of busy Los Angeles. 

What To Do At The Art Museum

The art museum has hundreds of pieces of art to admire and dissect. With rotating exhibits with artists ranging from Van Gogh to Picasso. With every time period from Renaissance to Baroque to Modern Art, you have every option to see. While it isn’t the most child friendly location, older children who enjoy taking part or learning in art might enjoy a trip to the Norton Simon Museum. You have every medium available to look at, from oil paintings to sculptures to various mountings on different surfaces. You have plenty of visual options to give your brain stimulation and keep your interest. 

What Else Can I Do After The Art Museum?

Like previously stated, the Norton Simon Museum isn’t the most child friendly environment. However, right down the street is the Kidspace Children Museum, where your child can have full access to play with the exhibits and engage in hands-on activities and science experiments available for you and your kids to play with and learn from.  Also down the street is the Pirate Park, a fun playground that is a replica of a pirate ship, giving your little ones an opportunity to use their imagination. For the adults in the crowd, the Arlington Garden gives space to think and walk through a labyrinth. The Police Museum is also right around the corner, giving you a chance to appreciate the history of Los Angeles finest.  

How To Get To The Attraction From The Business Location

You can easily get to the Norton Simon Museum by taking US101 South. With an easy 25 mile drive.


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