Runyon Canyon Park

Runyon Canyon Park is a massive 160-acre park that is located in Los Angeles, California, near the Santa Monica Mountains. The park’s trails are home to various species of wildlife including birds, owls, hawks, snakes, lizards, deer, and coyotes. The park’s flora life is impressive, as well, with black sage, elderberry, wild buckwheat, golden yarrow, and California sagebrush being some of the plant species you can expect to find there. 

Where Is Runyon Canyon Park Located?

The park is located at 2000 N Fuller Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046. It is open all year long and entrance to the park is free. 

What To Do At Runyon Canyon Park?

With numerous walks and trails available at the park, the real question is which one to travel first. And while the park does require dogs to be leashed in some areas, there are areas in which your fur babies can take full advantage of the park. There are old structure ruins throughout the park, as well as a piece of public artwork known as the Rock Mandala. As the name probably hints at, the sculpture is made up of different rocks of all different sizes and weights – some weighing up to 300 pounds! The Rock Mandala area is located in a quiet valley of the park and is maintained as a place for individuals to meditate and exercise. And if bird watching isn’t really your thing, it has also been reported that Runyon Canyon park has been known to have a few Hollywood Star sightings! (Fingers crossed!)

Other Things To Do Nearby

While enjoying the park, you and your family may wish to check out some of the other equally stunning and beautiful sights to see around LA. For example, check out the Hollywood Museum and all of the years of film and treasures it has collected. See hundreds of costumes on display, as well as props and personal artifacts. The museum has so much to see and do inside. And why not visit Ripley’s Believe It or Not? Witness in person unforgettable artifacts and exhibits that you certainly have to see in order to believe! From the beauty of Marilyn Monroe to the artistry and power of the Jedi, there is something to behold for all of the family! And if you or your family is feeling the growl of lunch or dinner creeping up on you, head over to Tiago Coffee Bar and Kitchen. They roast their own coffee and fresh squeeze their orange juice. What a friendly and tummy warming way to end the day. 

How To Get To Runyon Canyon Park From Cavalier Builders Inc.

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