Your home’s floors go through a lot in their lifetime. And you may be noticing that the floors in the high-traffic areas of your home are beginning to dull or fade. This is when you must decide whether you are going to refinish or replace the floor. Fortunately, the research has been done and so, hopefully, the decision will be easier to reach after reading this. 

The Price Factor

Refinishing your floor is always going to be cheaper than replacing it. Replacing a floor is much more expensive since you have to purchase all new flooring, as well as have the old floor ripped up and hauled away. With refinishing, you simply have the floor sanded and restrained, then sealed and finished. 

Refinishing your floor is also less costly to the environment since you are reusing the flooring material that is already installed. This is why refinishing is a more sustainable and healthier option both for your wallet and the environment. 

The Time Factor

While refinishing your floor is cheaper than replacing it, it is also a much lengthier process. This is especially true if you have a home with large rooms and busy home life. Refinishing requires a lot of tedious tasks like the removal of furniture and the sealing of all the nooks and crannies. Additionally, once the floor is refinished it can’t be walked on until your contractor gives you the green light. 

When replacing a floor it is much less time-consuming and messy. Many times, floors can be replaced in a week or, in some cases, a few days. Some larger rooms may require up to two weeks, but there is no wait time to move back in and onto the floors like there is with refinishing. 

The Age And Condition Factor

Finally, you may want to consider the age and condition of your flooring before you decide on whether you should refinish it or if it is time to replace it. Typically, a floor can be refinished up to ten times, however, having a professional come in to help you make the most informed decision is not a bad idea. If your floor has been refinished a number of times and the boards are now too thin to refinish, it is finally time to replace them. 

Additionally, water damage can sometimes cause boards to buckle or begin to cup, in which case you will most likely have to replace them. It is also important to note that hardwood floors that have been a part of a home for an extensive amount of time are more prone to termite infestation and damage. Replacement of a floor can be costly but some damages just simply require it. 

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