Is it better to replace kitchen cabinets or paint them?

Is it better to replace kitchen cabinets or paint them?

October 1, 2022

A home’s kitchen cabinets are one of those major eye catching components in a person’s home. But with time and use, a kitchen’s cabinets can require a little TLC and possibly even replacing. So, the question today is, is it better to replace kitchen cabinets or paint them?

Painting vs Replacing

When considering whether to paint or replace those old kitchen cabinets, one of the first questions you may come up against will involve cost. Everyone loves something new and vibrant, however, sometimes the wallet does not reflect the desired outcome and so we may have to consider something that could be cheaper for the moment such as a new paint job. 

And while painting is usually a cheaper option, sometimes the age and condition of a cabinet simply will not allow for anything less than replacement. Damaged cabinets may look nice with a fresh coat of paint, but the functional factor of the cabinet may/will still be questionable. 

Pros Of Paint

One major pro to painting old cabinets is the price. The price is generally cheaper than completely ripping out and replacing the old cabinets. Oftentimes, a fresh coat of paint is exactly what something needs to brighten and liven something old back into feeling like something new. 

Another major pro to paint versus replacement is that the job can be done by you. With replacement, you are not just paying for new cabinet work, but also paying for labor of the contractor(s) who will officially be doing the work. So, again, cost is a major pro to painting the old. 

Cons Of Paint

One major con to paint is that while paint can cover up some aged effects, others may not be so easily painted over. Likewise, some damaged areas may look like they have been concealed with a fresh coat of paint when in fact they may simply begin to show through the paint job with time, as well as may worsen even which could occur without the owner knowing right away since the new paint may help to cover and conceal the continuing damage/aging of the cabinets. 

Another con to painting the cabinets can be the size and layout of the cabinets you are wanting to paint. Some cabinets may also have a layout and fit that doesn’t allow for a smooth enough job to be done, or at least a job that would meet your own specifications and desires when complete. 

Pros Of Replacing

The obvious pro to replacing old with new is exactly that – you get rid of the old or outdated and find yourself gazing at the new and improved. What can be more tempting than that? 

Another major pro to replacement is that while we all like to believe that we can do everything ourselves, sometimes this just is not the case. Some home improvement projects can be taken on with the best intentions, but have rather dire (and costly) consequences and results. This pro to replacing is that you could actually hire a pro to replace those old and outdated cabinets; a pro who would get it done right the first time around, saving time and frustration that could have been at your own expense. 

Cons Of Replacing

Possibly the biggest con to replacing old and outdated cabinets is the issue of cost. While brand new cabinets are glorious to behold, they are also not the cheapest thing to replace. So, this con is definitely important to keep in the forefront of our minds when considering replacement. 

Another con to consider is the amount of time that it may take to have the old cabinets replaced. Oftentimes, when replacing old cabinets, the kitchen can become a no-go zone meaning that it could be off limits since the new work is in progress. 

Whatever you decide to do with your old cabinets, paint or replace, it is always important to exhaust any and all options and possible benefits or consequences to any decision. Be certain to make sure you know the full cost of either project, as well as are capable of the work yourself or have the funds to pay for the work ahead of doing the hiring. It is always beneficial to ensure we make an informed choice ahead of putting time and money into that choice.

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