Rancho Los Cerritos

The Rancho Los Cerritos is a beautiful preserved sight of a homestead ranch in Long Beach, CA. Not only is it open to the public to learn about the history of the area and the ranch itself, it is also open for private bookings for weddings and filming. This amazingly preserved sight is an amazing place to get an idea of historical architecture. Even get some inspiration for design or layout if you’re looking at a remodel. 

Where is Rancho Los Cerritos?

Rancho Los Cerritos is located in Long Beach, California, at 4600 Virginia Road.  Situated just behind the Country Club and The Golf Pro Shop, you have quick access to quite a few acres of land to explore and learn the history of the foundations of the state. This homestead has the heart of Southern California History on one campus, getting a glimpse at the original architecture with historians who can explain how they lived. 

What To Do At The Historical Site?

The Rancho Los Cerritos has a variety of exhibits to look at. While some are ever changing, some collections, such as Focus of Rancho, remain the same. From signed documents to shell pictures, everything at Rancho Los Cerritos is either an original or a very close replica of it. They offer guided tours or the ability to wander freely through the area. 

There is an archaeological collection offering objects that were found on or near the property that have historical weight. They also offer events, such as Bilingual story time and bird watching opportunities.  While you wander, you can grab a scavenger hunt sheet and win a prize for completing it! You can either print it or pick one up at the front office. It is mostly disability friendly, as a majority of the areas are wheelchair accessible, including the house and the gardens. 

Other Fun Things To Do Nearby

Once you finish exploring Rancho Los Cerritos, there are other parks and historical sites to visit nearby. Just down the street, there is the Country Club, Pro Golf Shop and Scherer park. Jenni Rivera’s grave is only a few miles away. The Badminton Court Center offers you the ability to play a new game and enjoy time with friends and family.  For a pick me up, you can visit Black Ring Coffee Roasters for a treat. 

How To Get To Rancho Los Cerritos from Cavalier Builders Inc. 

With a quick 41 mile drive, you can take a trip to visit Rancho Los Cerritos from the Cavalier Builders Inc office.  Along the way, you will get beautiful views of Topanga State Park and other wonderful scenes of nature. Click here to visit another location. 

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