Are you completing a full inspection of the exterior of your home? As a homeowner, it is important to add rain gutters to the list of inspections. 

To better understand why you should inspect your rain gutter system, review the list of 4 Reasons Why Rain Gutters Are Important. If you still want more advice, Cavalier Builders inc. provides services in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas. They offer free advice on making updates to your home. 

1. Prevention Of Landscaping Or Soil Erosion 

When it rains the water pours down from the rooftop and spreads unevenly around the house. Rain gutters collect the water and funnel it away from the home to prevent water build up in unwanted places. In this instance, rain gutters are important for the protection of the exterior of the home. 

Rain gutters protect the home’s beautiful landscaping and eliminate soil erosion from happening. If they are not properly placed on the home, the rainwater can cause the soil and gravel to spread throughout the lawn and damage the landscape that homeowners work so hard to make beautiful. To avoid this type of damage proper installment will provide a pathway for the water to flow away from the soil and prevent the water from pooling into the garden beds. 

2. Protection For Your Siding

Rain gutter placement is important to prevent damage to the exterior of the home. Placement should include a gutter system that would collect and divert the water away from the exterior siding. If the water does not have a place to move away from the structure, then it will soak the siding and over time cause staining, mold, wood rotting, and damage to the material.

Even with the most expensive materials, the damage will still occur without proper placement of the rain gutters. 

3. Keeps Your Basement Dry

Rain gutter placement not only affects the exterior of the home but the interior as well.  Did you know that over time water buildup will create pressure to the foundation of the home? The pressurized water can result in water leaks through the outer foundation of the home and into the basement through cracks in the walls.

Not only will it cause damage to the flooring and walls of the home, but it can wreak havoc on the equipment in your home. This can result in expensive repairs.

4. Preserve Roofing Shingles

Rain gutters have a strong role in protecting and extending the lifespan of the roof. The most effective way to protect the shingles is to keep the gutters clean so that the water has somewhere to go when it is falling down from the roof. To clean the gutter system, you have to screen out the debris by using gutter guards. They help keep the water from collecting under the shingles and prevent it from causing leaks in the roof. 

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