5 Simple Steps For Planning A Kitchen Remodel

5 Simple Steps For Planning A Kitchen Remodel

November 15, 2022

When planning a kitchen remodel, there are necessary tasks to complete that demand  preparation and a lot of patience. However, remodeling a kitchen doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ll go through aspects of a kitchen redesign any homeowner can manage.

  1. Draw Your Design Ideas

Choosing what you want is the first and easiest stage in a kitchen redesign. Find ideas by checking home improvement stores and Pinterest boards. Collect ideas in a folder or vision board. To choose fixtures and materials for your new kitchen, it can be useful to look at a variety of layouts and ideas. Think about whether your new design will work with the current floor plan.

Draw a plan for the remodel once you have ideas in mind. The layout of the room should be your first concern. Determining cabinet size, location of your kitchen island, placement of your appliances, and other considerations are essential steps in the design process. Having an understanding of the layout will help contractors know the extent of the work and make it simpler to get estimates.

     2.Plan Your Budget And Timeline

Estimate the cost. To establish a basis for your budget, do some research. While it’s difficult to estimate the precise cost of a kitchen makeover at this stage, setting a budget now will enable you to start speaking with contractors.

Have a good sense of how long your renovation will take. While completion times vary depending on a number of factors, experts say to expect from one to three months. 

     3.Call In The Experts

Every aspect of a kitchen redesign can be handled by a professional. From countertops to  kitchen cabinets to project management, it’s your job to find the right specialists to carry out your plans. Ask your friends and co-workers who they recommend and visit retailers and showrooms to see different materials. 

Once the budget, layout and design are decided, contact a contractor. Try to get at least three estimates with completion schedules. Walk through the kitchen remodel with potential contractors to see if you need to increase your budget. 

    4.Tear Down Of Your Old Kitchen

There are a few things you’ll need to prepare for if you plan to stay in your home during your renovation:

  • Have a makeshift kitchen in a different part of the house 
  • Ensure you have room for making quick meals
  • Bring only the kitchen tools you need
  • Keep perishables in a mini-fridge
  • Put paper plates, plastic cups and utensils in your pantry 
  • Non-perishable foods should be kept handy

    5. Your Project Is Complete

Inspect your new kitchen and put on finishing touches. When working with a contractor, make sure that everything stated in the contract is carried out before paying them in full. Finally, you’re free to start cooking normally in your brand new kitchen. 

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