Are patio enclosures worth it?

Are patio enclosures worth it?

January 7, 2023

Whether you are a homeowner who is considering enclosing an existing patio or you are thinking of putting one in, there are some undeniable benefits that a patio enclosure comes with. An enclosed patio protects you from unwanted visitors such as pests and bugs, as well as protects against weather elements. Additionally, an enclosed patio is an element of beauty that just adds to the overall look and beauty of your home. 

Offers Protection From The Elements

An enclosed patio provides you and your family with an outdoor space that is both comfortable and protective. It allows you to sit outside and not have to worry about the glare of the sun or its harmful UV rays. With an enclosed patio, there is also less chance that any gusts of wind will bother you, or your moment of peace found in your new and enclosed outdoor sanctuary.

An enclosed patio also protects from unwanted guests such as gnats, mosquitoes, and flies. Aren’t you tired of having to apply insect-repellent lotions and sprays? Well, with an enclosed patio, you no longer have to worry over which brand of insect repellent works best because those pesky bugs won’t be invited into your new space. 

Increases Your Home’s Privacy

Privacy is another great reason to enclose your patio. As a homeowner, you want to feel comfortable in your own home, as well as when you are enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Privacy is great for reading a book, sunbathing, or any other outdoor activity that you might want to do undisturbed. 

An enclosed patio makes it more difficult to see inside your home, as well as more difficult to see if anyone is outside on the patio. This can serve as a deterrent for anyone that may be thinking of breaking into your home. Since they cannot see into the home, or if anyone is outside on the patio, they may rethink their idea of attempting to take what is not theirs. 

Provides Aesthetic Charm

Aside from protection and privacy, an enclosed patio also provides your home with a renovated appearance. Patio shades and screens also help with adding to the aesthetic charm of your patio while, once again, providing you with additional outdoor privacy and protection. 

Not only does enclosing your patio add to its aesthetic charm, but it can also boost your property value, as well. Enhancing your curb appeal and boosting your resale value is quite the return on investment when it comes to enclosing your patio. 

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