Newport Beach Pier

Newport Beach Pier is a beautiful attraction for people of all ages. Whether looking for a restaurant, walking on the beach, or shopping, you will find many activities near the pier. 

Where Is Newport Beach Pier Located?

Newport Beach Pier is along the Balboa Peninsula at 1 Newport Pier, Newport Beach, CA. It is 1,032 feet long and is named California Historical Landmark number 794. Parking fills with locals and visiting tourists fast, so prepare to walk for a few blocks before making it to the beach. Bringing a bike to travel is also an option; there are many paths you can take in the area for quicker traveling.

What To Do At Newport Beach Pier?

You can walk along the Newport Beach Pier and witness the seals, pelicans, seagulls, and whales in the ocean. Arrive early to catch the sunrise, or stay late into the evening to catch the sunset. 

If tanning and enjoying the beachside is your thing, find a spot, and sunbathe in the sand. You can find many things to do along the pier, like fishing. The dock is a great fishing location, so pack your fishing pole and make it a fishing trip. 

Other Things To Do Nearby

You will find restaurants, shopping centers, and family-friendly attractions close to the pier. A free exhibit in the area is the Pirate House. It is within walking distance from the beach and gives you a tour of the outside of a pirate-themed home to show how a pirate’s life would look. There are over 20 pirate statues, boats, monkeys, card playing, and skeletons. 

You can tour the beach for restaurants like Original Mama D’s Italian Kitchen for a funky spot with Italian classics, or FishBonz Seafood Grill for fresh seafood cuisine. 

How To Get To Newport Beach Pier From Cavalier Builders Inc. 

If you are traveling to Newport Beach Pier after a meeting with Cavalier Builders Inc, you can use the directions below to get there. It is a 2-hour and 15-minute drive, but worth it for a beautiful beach day or vacation. Click here for another location. 

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