Museum of Flying

The Museum of Flying was founded in 1974, In 2002 the museum closed for a few years and opened up again in a new venue in 2012. The museum focuses on the history of aviation, Donald Douglas, and the Douglas Aircraft Company. Here are a few details and benefits of visiting the Museum of Flying. 

Where Is The Museum of Flying Located?

The Museum of Flying is located at 3100 Airport Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90405. You can get to the museum by car from either Interstate 405 N or Interstate 405 S. From Interstate 405 N exit at National Blvd turn left where you will continue until Bundy Dr where you will turn left. You will continue until Airport Drive where you will make a right and continue for 3 miles. The museum will be located on your left. 

From Interstate 405 S take exit 53 on to 10 west going towards Santa Monica. Take exit 2B Bundy Drive South turn right on the off ramp and turn right at Airport Dr. Continue down Airport Dr for 0.3 miles. The museum will be located on your left. The Museum of Flying has free parking available in front of the museum.

What To Do At The Museum of Flying?

The Museum of Flying is full of exhibits that display the history of aircrafts with a replica of the Wright flyer, the Fedex 727 Nose and so much more. You can explore the over 22,000 square feet of exhibits. There are various displays that will walk you through the progression. Here are the exhibits: Early aviation hangar bay, Aircraft display gallery, Interactive area, Museum screening room, and the outdoor aircraft display plaza. You can also take virtual tours. You can also plan a special event at the museum. 

Other Things To Do Nearby

Need more things to do near the museum? You can eat at Jack in the box, Casablanca for Mexican cuisine, Vito Restaurant for Italian food, George’s Burgers. Need to work up more of an appetite head shopping at Santa Monica Place outdoor mall or the Lincoln Plaza. 

You can visit The Santa Monica Pier and head to Pacific Park for fun and rides. Los Virtuality for some virtual reality gaming and arcades. You can take in a movie at Cinemark Playa Vista and XD.  

How To Get To The Museum of Flying From Cavalier Builders, Inc

We enjoy giving our customers fun ideas they can do either on their own, with friends or with family. The Museum of Flying is one of the locations that we recommend. Here are the driving directions on how to get there from our office. Here is another attraction that we recommend. 

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