Mount Wilson Observatory

When you look out at the sky, it can almost bring back childhood memories of wanting to explore everything outside of the atmosphere. Mount Wilson Observatory has plenty of opportunities to look out into space with their various telescopes, learn more about the Hubble telescope or even grab a bite at the Cosmic Cafe.

Where Is The Mount Wilson Observatory Located?

Mount Wilson Observatory is located in the hills on the outskirts of Los Angeles.  In the foothills of Angeles National Forest, you can look over the city, whether it be the skyscrapers by day or the city lights by night. You can take the quick journey outside of the city, just within Pasadena limits, you can easily visit the Mount Wilson Observatory.

What To Do At The Observatory.

The observatory is open at varying hours depending on the season. April 2nd through November 29th the Observatory is open from 10am until 5 pm, from December 1st until March 31st, the observatory is open 10 am until 4 pm. April 2nd through November 13th, you can attend a tour at the Mount Wilson Observatory at 11:30 Am and 1 pm. On rare occasions, one of the telescopes may be closed for maintenance or a special event. You have the opportunity to see two telescopes, including the famous 100-inch telescope, the 60 inch telescope and a 150 solar telescope. After attending the two hour tour, you can also visit the Cosmic Cafe to enjoy fresh made sandwiches and other treats. You can also check the events calendar and decide whether or not to attend different concerts or guest lectures. Mount Wilson Observatory also gives a chance for you to enjoy looking into the telescopes yourself with their Telescope nights.  The Mount Wilson Observatory gives you plenty of opportunity to spend time learning about the galaxy above us and seeing the stars at a closer level. 

What To Do Near The Observatory

Due to the nature of this science center, the Mount Wilson Observatory is a little farther out of the way than many of the attractions in the Hollywood area.  However, right in the backyard of the observatory, you can hike through the Angeles National Forest. With plenty of hiking trails, there will always be something to explore.  You can visit the Switzer Falls or the Dawn Mine after a quick hike. The Kagel Canyon is not fair either with many hiking trails connecting it, so that you can explore the canyon for yourself.  

How To Get To Mount Wilson Observatory from Cavalier Builders Inc 

From the Cavalier Builders Inc office, you are only 45 miles away from watching the stars. With mostly interstate, you have the ability to see the national parks along the way and enjoy the beautiful coast of California along the way. Click here to visit another attraction. 

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