Los Angeles County Museum of Art

If you find yourself looking for something to do before or after a meeting at Cavalier Builders, Los Angeles County Museum of Art is a beautiful location to check out. Nestled just off of 6th street, you can find yourself enthralled in a world of modern and ancient art. 

Where Is The Los Angeles County Museum of Art Located?

This museum is centered between Wilshire Boulevard and 6th Street, spread out over 20 acres of land. Located at 5905 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, 90036, in the Brookside district of Los Angeles. 

Sights To See At The Museum

With ever changing exhibits and attractions, everytime you go will be like the first time. However, there are some ongoing exhibits that are installed into the museums or the courtyard that you can view. For example, the Ai WeiWei: Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads is a large stone and bronze cast statue installation with twelve animal heads, those of the zodiac signs.

The Miracle Mile is a lit installation designed by Robert Irwin, it plays off the architecture, while getting subtle nods to his previous installments from 2008. Metropolis II by Chris Burden recreates the chaos of city travel with 18 kinetic roadways, one freeway and 240 total miles of roadway to scale throughout the town. 

What Can I Find Nearby?

If after your trip to the museum, The République Café Bakery & République Restaurant is less than a block away from you. If you’re looking for more museums to explore, on the same corner is the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, presenting all the stars and their films from years past. As well as the Petersen Automotive Museum, giving you more insight on the history of cars and other vehicles that you use and see daily!

How To Get To The Attraction From The Business Location

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next build to give to the contractors at Cavalier Builders Inc, you can visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. From the office to the museum is a 21 mile drive, consisting mostly of interstate and views of the park. You can easily see the Hollywood walk of fame from the road. Click here for another attraction. 

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