Will A House Remodel Add Value To My Home?

Will A House Remodel Add Value To My Home?

September 5, 2022

Before starting on any project looking over the cost, value and time will help determine if it is worth doing and if it will be a good investment especially if you are considering selling your home at some point. Some of the home renovations that offer a good return money-wise are

Increase Your Livable Space

Adding more livable space to your home in the form of an additional bedroom, an office space, and a finished basement that offers more livable space for potential growth in families. Adding an indoor/outdoor space can be another way to add usable square footage to your home. 

All of this adds value to your home. Having more space that can be lived in is always something that is needed and looked for so why not invest in adding that space to your home? 

Kitchen Renovations

Having an outdated kitchen can not only make your home feel older but can also lower the value of your home, if you can update your kitchen with newer cabinets, new appliances, updated paint, countertops, and backsplashes can add tremendous value to your home. Kitchens tend to be the center of homes where people come together so why not make that space enjoyable? 

Adding a kitchen island where prep work can be done by multiple people, adding additional sinks like a prep sink on an island or an updated double sink or apron sink offering an abundance of space, and adding storage in the form of cabinets, drawers or a pantry are all great ways to add value to your home while updating your kitchen. 

Bathroom Renovations

Updating or doing a complete bathroom renovation is a great way to add some value to your home. Adding surfaces that are smooth and streamlined makes for easy cleaning and also makes the bathroom feel fresh. If you only have one bathroom in your home adding an additional bathroom will help if you are looking to sell your home or upgrading your half bathroom to a full bathroom with the addition of a tub/shower are great ways to add value to your home as well. Adding a double sink in your main bathroom is something minimal you can do that will have some value as well. 

HVAC Updates To Your Home

Your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are extremely important, if you have an HVAC system that is older and have issues with your roof then these are areas that you should update. Having old systems in your home can possibly hinder your ability to sell your home if you are looking to do so because many are not willing to deal with having to repair and replace older mechanics. If you are able to then update your heating, cooling, and ventilation so that you can get the most value for your home without having to compromise and take a potential loss on not making these updates yourself. 

Updating Your Outdoor Living Areas

Having an outdoor space that can be used to entertain, relax and just enjoy is something that many are seeking. An oasis without having to leave your home. An outdoor space  that can double your usable living space with an outdoor kitchen, a deck, updated landscaping, a fireplace or fire pit, and a pool or hot tub are all great options that can be added to make your outdoor space more valuable. 

Adding Accessibility To Your Home

Renovations to your home should be made not only with your own needs in mind but the general needs of others as well especially if you might sell your home at some point. Making design choices like wider hallways should be taken into consideration so that you can appeal to people of all ages, stages, and physical abilities. The more people that your home appeals to the more potential and interest you will get in your home. Aesthetically it should appeal to all people so keeping the design streamlined and neutral can help as well. 

Updating Light Fixtures

One of the simplest updates that you can make to your home is the lighting. You will be amazed at what a difference new lights can do to a home. The right lighting can make a home feel inviting, cozy, warm, and welcoming and that is what you want to make your home appealing to others and make them think and feel like they are at home themselves. 


All these changes can add value to your home not just for yourself and your family but also if you are looking to sell your home. You do not need to do all the renovations but you should do some updates that will bring the price of your home up. 

How To Start A Home Renovation or Remodel

The best place to start any home renovation or remodel is to contact a professional contracting company like Cavalier Builders inc, which is familiar with doing home renovations. They will help you with the entire process from the planning and design to the execution of the actual renovation. If you are ready to start and live in or near the Los Angeles, CA area contact Cavalier Builders, Inc to get an estimate today.

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