Holyland Exhibition

At the Holyland Exhibition, visitors can browse the relics left behind by Dr. Antonia Frederick Futterer, a preacher and explorer who is said to have been the model for the Indiana Jones character. His journeys culminated in a search for the Ark of the Covenant while building a collection of rare Middle Eastern artifacts through his travels. His wife and daughter live in Los Angeles and provide a look into the adventurous life he previously led. 

Where Is the Holyland Exhibition Located?

The Holyland Exhibition is located at 2215 Lake View Ave, Los Angeles, CA  90036. In the Silver Lake neighborhood of LA and nestled in the hills above the 2 Freeway, the museum stands on the corner of a residential neighborhood. The area is known for its noteworthy architectural homes, businesses, and restaurants.

What To Do At Holyland Exhibition

Daily guided two-hour tours of the 5 rooms at the museum lead visitors through interesting Old Testament artifacts. The Damascus Room, Pharaoh’s Treasury, The Archaeology and Bible Art Room, and Auditorium all showcase Fluterrer’s eccentric collection of fascinating finds during his archaeological explorations. At the end of the tour is the Holyland Gift Shop, which offers actual trinkets you would find in Holyland countries.

Other Things To Do Nearby

While you’re in the neighborhood, take in a baseball game at Dodgers Stadium or check out the exhibits at The Griffith Observatory. When you’re ready for a bite to eat, the many area restaurants offer a variety of choices. For a fast food option, Burgers Never Say Die can’t be beaten. For a great Mexican option, check out nearby Salazar. 

How To Get To The Holyland Exhibition From Cavalier Builders

The team at Cavalier Builders would love for you to drop by and discuss our services. Below are driving directions to the Holyland Exhibition from our location. Click here to find another attraction. 

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