Great Park

Great Park is exactly that – a wonderful place for you and your family to enjoy the sound and feel of nature. With trails to walk, areas for picnicking and barbecues, and plenty of recreational areas for sports, the park is full of opportunities and something for everyone. 

Where Is Great Park Located?

Located at 8000 Great Park Blvd. Irvine, CA 92618, this park’s beauty and activities are something you won’t want to miss. The City of Irvine is reflected in the park’s many features including its Farm + Food Lab which teaches about sustainability and allows visitors to have a hands-on experience with the earth and what grows within it. So, turn off all of the distractions at home and bring the family out to enjoy what the Great Park has to offer. 

What To Do At Great Park?

At Great Park Ice, visitors can enjoy some ice skating during the park’s public ice skating sessions. You can rent skates or bring your own, and there is even the option of having a Skate Mate for any new skaters who may wish for a little help on the ice. 

Looking to take your park adventure to new heights? Go for a balloon ride and soar high above the park to enjoy its beauty from above. And better yet, the ride is free! And after a ride in the sky, why not head over to the park’s carousel and admire the whimsical magic that is sure to make any grown up feel more like a kid again. 

Other Things To Do Nearby

Pretend City Children’s Museum is a great place to take the kiddos for a stimulating experience. With interactive exhibits and activities, children learn about the world around them and develop necessary skills such as teamwork, organization, confidence, and socialization. 

Looking for a challenge? Try the Escape Game Irvine. You and your year team will have one hour to successfully complete the puzzles and tasks necessary for your escape before time is up. Great for critical thinking and for just having fun. 

How To Get To Great Park From Cavalier Builders Inc

If you are meeting with our friends at Cavalier Builders Inc and want to make a day of it with the kids or simply spend a little time outside on your own, be sure to stop by the Great Park. Click the link here to learn about another fun place you can visit. 

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