Gibbon Conservation Center

Are you looking for something fun but educational to do on the weekend? You can take a trip to the Gibbon Conservation Center. The GCC was established in 1976 and is home to the rarest species of apes. The conservation center has dedicated its works to conserving, studying, and caring for these apes through the preservation of their habitats and educating the public on them. Here are a few details and benefits of visiting the Gibbon Conservation Center. 

Where Is The Gibbon Conservation Center Located?

The Gibbon Conservation center is located at 19100 Esguerra Road, Santa Clarita, CA 91390. You can access the Gibbon Conservation Center via various interstates and highways. It is the easiest and fastest way to get to the center. If you are using GPS keep in mind that Esquerra Road is a dirt road and it is best to follow the signs that are up once you come off of Bouquet Cyn. If you continue to follow the GPS beyond this point you will end up behind the conservation property. 

You can also take the Metro if you will not be coming by car. You can use the Metro trip planner for the best routes for where you will be traveling from. 

What To Do At The Gibbon Conservation Center?

During the weekends you can take a public tour and learn all about the various apes that are homes at the center. During the week you can take private tours in smaller groups of 6 people. The public tours usually are in groups of 30 people. We also do private tours during the weekends as well. All tours require a reservation. Once you are done with the tour you can head over to the gift shop and pick up a souvenir to remember your trip.

The Gibbon Conservation Center currently offers a few different tours aside from their public and private tours. They have 2 special tours: Coffee with the director where you will be guided by the director herself as she discusses her own research efforts and tells all about the gibbons. Afterward, you will have breakfast for 4. This tour is about 2 hours from start to finish. Sunrise Tour where up to 5 people can take a tour at sunrise while the gibbons are starting to wake up. This tour lasts about an hour. 

Other Things To Do Nearby

Have more time in your day or need more things to do on your visit once you are done at the Gibbon Conservation Center? If you have little children you can head to the Mountasia family fun center where you can play a round of laser tag or race on the go-karts. You can also ride some attractions at Six Flags Magic Mountain. 

For dinner, you can eat at Chili’s or Red Robins, or you can go to a non fast food restaurant like Wolf Creek Restaurant, Stonefire Grill, or Margaritas Mexican Grill. 

How To Get To The Gibbon Conservation Center From Cavalier Builders, Inc

Planning for a remodel or a renovation can be exhausting and sometimes heading out to take on some sites and attractions can be a great way to decompress, so once you and your family are all done meeting with our team at Cavalier Builders, Inc you can take a drive to The Gibbon Conservation Center and take a tour of the gibbons that they have there. Here are the driving directions on how to get there from our location. Click here to visit another attraction. 

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