Fullerton Museum Center

The Fullerton Museum Center is an excellent attraction for all ages. It is popularly known as home to the Leo Fender Gallery and has an educational space that showcases diverse exhibitions & programs in history, science, art & humanities. 

Where Is The Fullerton Museum Center Located?

You can visit the Museum Center at 301 N. Pomona Avenue in Fullerton, CA. They like to provide visitors with an effortless experience and have provided street parking on Pomona Avenue and garage parking on Wilshire Avenue. 

The attraction’s location may be small. However, many events throughout the year provide entertainment, including art, music, film, shopping, access to their wine/beer garden, and kid-friendly festivals. You can purchase tickets and book school or private tours through their online website.

What To Do At The Attraction?

Visit The Fullerton Museum Center today and explore inventions of the world’s most popular musical instruments. Experience the rotating exhibits in the gallery that advertise the patent representations, electric basses, and costume-unique guitars from Fender and G&L Musical Instruments. You will even see the highlighted prototype of the first electric guitar invented by Leo Fender and Doc Kauffman. 

You can tour the museum using a tour guide or walk around for a self-paced experience. If you plan your trip, you can experience one of the local events. Every Thursday evening, they have ‘The Thursday Evening Fullerton Farms Market,’ with a selection of local vendors to purchase food, drinks, and unique merchandise.

Other Things To Do Nearby

Once your visit to the museum is complete, there are more attractions to choose from nearby. The Knotts Berry Farm Theme Park is located on the historical berry farm and is only a 12-minute drive away. It features roller coaster rides, water rides, food and drinks, and events for all ages. 

Suppose you want to grab a bite at a place closer to the museum. Plan your lunch or dinner at Farolito of Fullerton, which has Mexican food, or you can eat American cuisine at Clyde’s Hot Chicken.  

How To Get To The Fullerton Museum Center From Cavalier Builders inc. 

After an office visit to Cavalier Builders Inc. for your home renovation or project, you can follow the directions below to get to Fullerton Museum Center. It is an hour and a half away, but it will be a trip that will provide you and your family with a fun and educational experience. Click here to visit another attraction. 

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