Can I Turn My Garage Into A Room If It Is Small?

Can I Turn My Garage Into A Room If It Is Small?

April 15, 2021

Are you needing extra space at your home? Extra space provides additional storage and can help declutter the home. Whether you need an office, crafting space, or even a playroom you should consider doing a garage conversion. Even if you have a small one car garage, you can close it in and make it a space that you have been needing. Some of the many things to consider are listed below.

Will Zoning Regulations Allow It?

Determining if local zoning regulations will allow you to convert your garage into a living space is important. It could require permits and other paperwork that needs to be taken care of before proceeding. Once you’ve determined that it is allowed, it is critical to consider the insulation of the space. The walls and ceiling will need to be insulated to meet building codes. Additionally, you will need to ensure that you have adequate ventilation and that any windows are up to code as well.

Does Your Garage Need Plumbing?

Most garage spaces do not have plumbing, unless you have a sink in there. If there isn’t plumbing already running to it, then you will have to consider the costs of adding it in. to add pipes and such to a space is a big job. 

It can cost an average of around $1,000 to have this done. The size of the garage shouldn’t matter too much when transforming it. Even if the garage is small, you can make it into a tiny home type of area. 

Do You Need Electricity?

Whether you are going all out and making your garage into an apartment or just a one room area, you need electricity. This is not typically an issue, because most already have electricity running to them. If yours doesn’t, then you will need to hire an electrician to come out and do an installation. 

The average cost is around $2,500. You can spend a lot less then this for garages that are not detached from the existing home. The cost goes up when wires are needed to be run underground. 

Do You Need To Install Heating and Cooling?

When turning your garage into a room, you are going to want heating and cooling to the space. Otherwise, the person living inside of it is not going to be comfortable certain times of the year. You can do this in a couple of different ways. 

If this room is going to be a permanent residence for someone, as in a garage apartment style home, you will want a HVAC unit installed. The need for a full HVAC unit isn’t as necessary if it isn’t going to be used in that way. You can use window units or space heaters for a room that is used for other uses. 

Does The Garage Walls Need Insulation?

The layout of your garage will make this process either straight forward or a little more in detail. The small garage space that you have can be turned into a valuable room space that you are needing, but the amount of work it needs will vary. Walls will need to be insulated to hold a consistent temperature.

When it comes to walls, you will need to decide between drywall and paneling. Drywall is the most popular choice, as it allows for insulation, but paneling can also be a good option. Keep in mind that paneling is not as durable as drywall, so you may have to replace it more often.

What Type Of Flooring Should Be Used?

Depending on the climate, it is important to consider a flooring material that will be able to withstand moisture, dirt, and other elements. Carpeting and tile are both good options, but you may want to look into something more durable such as vinyl or laminate flooring. These materials are much more resistant to moisture and dirt, and can last longer than other types of flooring. They are also easy to clean and maintain, making them a great option for areas that may experience a lot of foot traffic.

Converting Your Small Garage Into A Room

A garage conversion is a popular way to add needed space to your home. The average cost of a garage conversion is as little as $5,000 all the way up to $25,000 or more. It all depends on how much is needed to be done overall. If your garage is a space that you don’t use that often, turning it into something that you need is a great idea. Moreover, a room addition in the garage can provide extra living space for your family, it increases the value of your home, and it can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a home office or a playroom. 

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