Licensed Contractor In Culver City, CA

To become a licensed contractor is no easy task. From strict guidelines and many qualification requirements that must be met, when you hire a qualified specialist, you actually get exactly what you pay for. No gimmicks, no promises, just quality work and services that come with years of experience and skills required to survive in the industry. And that is precisely what you receive when you hire Cavalier Builders Inc., a fully bonded and insured contractor company that delivers quality work and professional customer care. 

We Are A Licensed Contractor CompanyLicensed Contractor In Culver City, CA

Since 1999, we have provided customers with quality construction, renovation, and custom home remodeling services. Our builders are highly experienced and fully qualified to handle any and all services that your home may require. As a fully bonded and insured contractor company our work is guaranteed! Additionally, our company is currently rated as an A+ business listed with the Better Business Bureau, and we are proud members of the Contractors State License Board. So, no matter what your home needs done, big or small, renovation or repair, you can depend on Cavalier Builders Inc. to be there!

We Offer Remodeling And Renovation Services In Culver City CA

Our remodeling contractor company is proud to provide our services to Culver City, CA. We also provide renovation, remodel, and repair services to many surrounding areas including Hawthorne, Inglewood, and Santa Monica, CA. So, if you or someone that you know is searching for a licensed contractor in or around the Culver City area, get in touch with us! Your home will thank you. 

Commonly Asked Questions 

Here are a few commonly asked questions about licensed contractors and their work:

What Does It Mean For A Contractor To Be Bonded?

When a contractor is bonded it means that you, as a homeowner, are receiving a certain amount of liability protection. This also means that should the contractor fail to complete the contracted work as required, the property can be provided compensation through the bond. 

What Questions Should Be Asked Before Starting A Project?

First and foremost, a homeowner should be provided a clear picture of when work will be started and when it would be completed. Additionally, you should inquire about any circumstances that might affect the given schedule and how that will be handled, as well. You may also want to ask about the payment schedule as it is recommended that you never pay for contracting work upfront and any reputable contractor would never ask you to. 

Contact Cavalier Builders For Quality And Guaranteed Work

At Cavalier Builders Inc, we take our commitment to our customers very seriously and provide only the highest quality of work and professional customer service. We are a family-owned and operated business that knows the importance of having a beautiful and safe home for your family, all while operating within a budget that can be afforded. So, if you are interested in having our team provide you with the home of your dreams, contact our friendly customer service representatives today. Contact us now.

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