Flooring Installation in Los Angeles, CA

Are you looking to have new floors installed and need someone in the Los Angeles, CA area? It would be our pleasure to help you with the services that you are needing. Cavalier Builders has been in the Los Angeles community for over a decade helping homeowners with their home projects. 

How Do You Install Flooring?Flooring Installation in Los Angeles, CA

The process of installing flooring is going to vary depending on the type that you are having laid. Carpet has a different process than tile flooring does, and so on. In bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms, people typically choose to use tile, vinyl, or linoleum. For bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, and more, you will mostly see hardwood flooring and carpet. 

There isn’t a right or a wrong option to use in your home. It is more of a personal preference. Here are some examples of how different types of flooring are installed:

  • Carpet- Carpet is installed on top of padding. This is to add comfort and insulation to the flooring. Strips are installed to have something for the carpet to be secured to the floor with. Some companies will use glue and some won’t. For the most part, for average size spaces, carpet is a simple and quick process. 
  • Hardwood- You pick a starting point and make your measurements. The pieces of wood have grooves in them for you to lock each piece into. You want to make sure each piece is flush with each other. 
  • Tile- You have to first determine the center of the room. Once that is done, you will begin there. Once that first tile is laid in the center of the room, you can begin laying the rest of the tiles around it. Spacers are used to keep the same distance between each tile throughout the entire flooring. After all the glue has dried for the tiles you laid, the grout will be applied. 
  • Vinyl – Vinyl flooring is usually installed by first laying down a thin foam layer under the vinyl. This layer serves as a cushioning and helps to keep the vinyl in place. Next, the vinyl is cut into pieces and laid down in the desired pattern, making sure that all pieces fit together snugly. Finally, the seams are sealed with adhesive and the edges are sealed with a trim or sealant to prevent moisture from getting in.
  • Linoleum – Linoleum flooring is installed by first preparing the subfloor. This includes cleaning, making any necessary repairs, and making sure the subfloor is flat and even. The linoleum is then laid down, and any seams are sealed with adhesive. Finally, the edges are sealed with a trim or sealant to prevent moisture from getting in.

Commonly Asked Questions

If you have flooring questions, feel free to ask us. It is our pleasure to help you understand everything there is to know. 

What Is The Average Cost of Flooring Installation?

The cost is going to depend on the type of flooring that you are having installed. For more accurate information, call Cavalier Builders for them to give you the costs.

What Is LVT Flooring?

Luxury Vinyl Tile is what LVT stands for. This is a great option that is available to give you a great look and is easy to maintain.

What are the benefits of having a flooring professional installed? 

Professional flooring installation ensures that your flooring is properly installed. This helps to ensure that it lasts longer, is structurally sound, and looks great overall! 

How do I know which type of flooring is best for me? 

Consider the area that you are looking to have flooring installed. Different types of flooring work best in different areas. Take into consideration the amount of foot traffic, the type of activities that will be taking place in the area, and the look that you are trying to achieve. 

Is it necessary to remove the existing flooring before installation? 

In some cases, it may be necessary to remove the existing flooring before installation. This will depend on the type of flooring that is being installed and the current condition of the existing flooring. Your contractor will be able to determine this for you.

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Los Angeles, CA, is a great place with a population of over 3 million people. There is so much to offer its residents and we love being the ones to provide them with the general contracting services that they need. We provide our flooring services and more in the surrounding communities too. 

Los Angeles, CA is best known for its iconic Hollywood entertainment industry and its beautiful beaches. It is a great place to visit because of its thriving arts and culture scene, its vibrant nightlife, world-class restaurants, and its stunning natural landscapes. Our services benefit the Los Angeles community by providing them with quality flooring and general contracting services that they can count on. We are committed to ensuring that our work is done with the utmost attention to details and care. We strive to bring the highest quality services to the Los Angeles community, so they can enjoy the beauty of their homes and businesses.

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