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Do you want to remodel your bathroom but are afraid your budget is too small. Cavalier Builders is here to help you. We can help you create beautiful designs within your budget. We love serving the residents of Santa Monica and helping them achieve their design dreams. We can help you research what is possible and help do so within your budget. 

shower remodelingHow To Remodel Your Bathroom On A Small Budget?

If you have a small budget you can still make big changes. Here are a few things to think about when trying to revamp your new space on a tight budget. 

Are There Items You Can Upgrade? 

It can be difficult to envision your current items upgraded. With paint and a few new fixture replacements, you could potentially have a completely different-looking bathroom. You don’t have to do a total gut remodel renovation. If you find your vanity, toilet, and shower are in good shape you could consider replacing the sink and certain fixture items. 

Look For Bargains

If you cannot upgrade some of your existing bathroom amenities maybe you can find items on sale or second-hand that are in great shape. You could consider upgrading these items as well by adding a new color or cabinet handles as well. 

Spring For The Fancy Lighting

There are a few things that you should spring for when designing your bathroom renovation on a budget and one is lighting. Lighting can change the way a room looks completely. You want a bathroom bright so you can see clearly but not enough to make your eyes hurt. Selecting lighting around your mirror is the most important as this is where you will need good lighting the most. A beautiful light can create the focal point you need to give your bathroom the “Wow Factor.”

FAQ Section 

How do you redo a bathroom without spending a lot of money?

In addition to what was mentioned above, you can upgrade a large item if it’s within your budget and try to upgrade the other surrounding items. Many people have created new and improved spaces on a budget by using products like epoxy to create a marbled countertop look or with pants and wooden frames to add texture to walls.

What should I do with my small bathroom?

Make sure your walls are not too dark. Dark walls tend to be too much for tiny spaces and make them feel smaller than they actually are. Light colors tend to make something feel bigger. Adding expansive features like mirrors or angles to a small space can create the illusion that an area is larger than it actually is. 

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Working on a small budget can be challenging. Let the professionals at Cavalier Builders help you with your bathroom renovation project. We love serving all the residents in the Santa Monica community as well as surrounding areas. Call us today for an estimate and let us help improve your space.

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