Bathroom Remodeling in San Dimas, CA 91724

Did you know that we spend, at minimum, 2 years of our lives in the bathroom? If your bathroom looks like something from the 1970’s, do you really want a throwback everytime you need to go? Cavalier Builders Inc has assisted with many bathroom remodels, even in the San Dimas, CA area. 

We Can Help You Remodel Your BathroomBathroom Remodeling in San Dimas, CA 91724

In this housing market, most houses are older and haven’t had as much updating as some of the newer homes. Making those minor updates to your bathroom can increase your property values, as well as your happiness with the look of your bathroom. Maybe it’s time to think about updating your bathroom, and the team that should help you.

We Serve The San Dimas Area

Established in 1999, Cavalier Builders Inc has been helping families across the Los Angeles region. Your remodel is important to us and that is why we serve the San Dimas area that is located in Los Angeles. We understand how stressful it can be to have to update a bathroom that may be decades older than you’d like, especially if you’re going for a specific look.

We Often Get Questions, Here’s Some You Might Have

Check out a few of our most recently asked questions below.

What Is A Good Budget For A Bathroom Renovation?

Depending on your preferences of bathroom appliances, the budget might vary. The average cost of a bathroom renovation is $5,500, however that doesn’t need to be your exact budget. While it sounds ridiculous, plan for things to go wrong or for more expensive appliances depending on what you want. With inflation, the cost of everything is increasing, the budget will vary from the average. 

How Much Does A Bathroom Remodel Increase Home Value in 2022?

As most adults know, home value is based on current market conditions, maintenance cost, home improvements, size and neighborhood. So, the more work you put into your house, the more it will pay off (literally) in the long run. The value of your home can appreciate by 10-40% just by remodeling your bathroom. Things that are seen as a luxury, such as adding a double sink or heated floors, may increase the value more drastically. 

Can Tile In A Bathroom Add to The Home Value?

Yes. However there is a small clause in this. The tile needs to be on trend in order to increase the property value, definitely can’t use an outdated style trend to build your property value. Value looks at what is popular in the market right now. 

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It is our pleasure to serve the San Dimas area. We want to help you build the most perfect bathroom for you and your family. Give us a call today to schedule your bathroom remodel, we look forward to speaking with you.

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