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Are debating about what fixtures to include on your next bathroom remodel project? Many people are tempted by the latest trends. They are beautiful but all too often trends come and go. Bathroom renovations require a lot of work and planning and you want something that won’t go out of style. Allow our design experts at Cavalier Builders to help you with your renovation project. We love helping the residents of Pasadena, California make their design dreams a reality. We can help you navigate through design options but here are some things to consider before we start.

How To Create A Bathroom That Is Timeless?

Everyone has different preferences and opinions on what they may consider timeless. Timeless design across the board is usually light or neutral colors paired with sleek and elegant features. Trendy designs are usually avoided to maintain a classic look over time. Here are three things to consider when creating your timeless space:

Timeless Color

White is the most timeless color for a bathroom. The crispness of white makes every space look larger than it is. Other neutral colors like beige, light grey, and light blues, and greens are also considered timeless. This timeless color not only includes walls but also flooring and fixtures. 

Timeless Fixtures and Amenities

You want to avoid dark or flashy fixtures and amenities. Sleek classic-looking fixtures will allow for a timeless look regardless of the latest trends. Bulky or oversized amenities take up a lot of space and can quickly become outdated. For example, whirlpool tubs that take up more than half of the bathroom were once in style and now today the trend is toward sleeker options.

If you cannot upgrade some of your existing bathroom amenities maybe you can find items on sale or second-hand that are in great shape. You could consider upgrading these items as well by adding a new color or cabinet handles as well. 

Timeless Lighting

Timeless lighting design can take your bathroom from bleak and dark to crips and bright. Lighting is so crucial to a beautifully renovated bathroom. If you can create as much natural light as possible this will cultivate the timeless look you are trying to find. Outside of natural lighting wall sconces on the sides of your mirror create a traditional look. You may also consider a chandelier with crystals or glass pendants that reflect the light.  

FAQ Section 

Which is the best color for a timeless bathroom?

Neutral colors are best for a timeless bathroom. White, beige, light grey, and light colors in general help to make a room look bigger and are pleasing to the majority of eyes so benefits you if you choose to resell. 

What are some examples of timeless bathroom design?

In addition to the items mentioned earlier selecting fixtures that present a classic finish or a free-standing wooden vanity are traditional features. Cavalier Builders is here to help you create a timeless affordable look that also showcases your personal style and taste. 

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