Bathroom Remodeling In North Hollywood, CA

The restroom is a very important part of your home, and a functional one can greatly improve your life. If you are thinking about a bathroom remodeling let Cavalier Builders, Inc. in North Hollywood, CA help you. We have a renowned experience in the sector since 1999 and our customers are highly satisfied with our performance. We are specialized in custom made solutions of all types to accommodate our clientele needs and budgets. 

We Offer Bathroom RemodelingBathroom Remodeling In North Hollywood, CA

Our company’s goal is to improve your home and quality of life with our services. That’s why we offer full bathroom remodeling for all styles. Among our many services we work on flooring, lighting, custom cabinets, fixtures, painting and much more. Remodeling can be stressful, but we can take all the pressure off of you and take it into our expert hands. Our contractors can help you with any home improvement project in a fast and professional way. 

Our Experts Works In North Hollywood, CA

We are a fully licensed and bonded company working in home remodeling near you. Our business serves North Hollywood, Glendale, Inglewood, Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas. We have been faithfully working in Los Angeles County for over two decades. 

Frequent Questions About Bathroom Remodeling

Before starting remodeling our customers have several concerns. Listed below are a few questions which we get asked more often:

What Can I Do To Plan A Bathroom Remodel? 

The best way to go about your remodeling is to plan the project carefully before you begin. There are different kinds of modifications you can make, from a simple surface remodel to a change in the whole layout. The scale of your project is the most important thing to decide. Start looking for inspiration online or in magazines to get an idea of the style you want. Then you can schedule a consultation to discuss your plans with an expert and estimate the cost. Once you have agreed on the details and the crew is ready you will have to clear the area so they can start working.

Can I Live In The House During A Bathroom Remodel?

It is possible to stay in your home during a bathroom remodel. If that is your only restroom in the house you will need some extra preparation. Usually your contractor will have a portable WC on location for the whole time of the project. In addition to that you can set up temporary spaces, like a vanity in your bedroom and a washing up station by the kitchen sink. You can also ask your family, friends or neighbors to use their shower. It might be a little stressful and uncomfortable for a time, but it will be so worth it in the end.

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At Cavalier Builders, Inc. in North Hollywood we are happy to help you with any of your home improvement projects. We offer free in-home design consultation and estimate. If you are in need of a bathroom remodel don’t hesitate to call us today. We will diligently work to make your  restroom beautiful, functional and up to date.

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