Bathroom Remodeling in Mount Wilson, CA

Cavalier Builders is a family-owned general contracting company in Woodland Hills, CA, that can help you with bathroom remodeling services. If you live in Mount Wilson, CA, we would love to be the company you trust with your remodeling needs. Our business has been helping people with these important changes for over 20 years. 

Let Us Remodel Your BathroomBathroom Remodeling in Mount Wilson, CA

Cavalier Builders is a highly recommended company in the Los Angeles area, and we take that with great pride. We always want to give our customers the most respect and attention they need during this process. Our general contractors are educated, knowledgeable, and experienced in our services. 

We can do your project from start to finish without the need to hire multiple companies to get the bathroom finished. This is something that can help alleviate some fo the stress surrounding a remodeling project like this. Tasks such as these can be done by our general contractors:

  • Demolition, Floor Plan, and Design
  • Electrical, Plumbing, and Installations
  • Light Fixtures and Hardware
  • Countertops, Tile Work, and Flooring
  • Countertops and Vanities
  • And More

We Service The People of Mount Wilson, CA

One of the major attractions that Mount Wilson is kown for is the homeplace to the 100-inch hooker telescope. This great community is located in the San Gabriel Mountains, providing you with amazing views. It is our pleasure to provide the people of this area with the remodeling services they need. If you live here and need general contracting services, give Cavalier Builders a try. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Bathroom Remodeling

We are always happy to talk with you and provide the information you need to trust us with your project. Below is a few frequently asked questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information. 

What Is considered a full bathroom remodel?

A full bathroom remodel usually involves replacing all components of a bathroom. This includes flooring, wall tiles, vanity, and sink. The toilet, shower or tub, and lighting fixtures are also replaced. It may also include updating or replacing the plumbing and electrical systems. New features like heated floors, custom cabinetry, or luxury showers are often added.

Do I need a permit for my bathroom remodel?

In most cases, you will need a permit for a bathroom remodel. The exact requirements vary depending on the location and scope of the project. Consult a licensed contractor or local building department to learn the requirements. Failing to get the necessary permits can result in fines or other legal issues.

Why does a bathroom remodel cost so much?

The cost of materials, such as tile, fixtures, and cabinets, can add up. Labor costs can also be significant. This is especially true if there is a need for extensive plumbing or electrical work. The customization level and the bathroom size can also impact the cost.

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