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Bathroom renovations take a great deal of time, detail, and planning. Let our experts at Cavalier Builders help take out all the hard work and stress and build a beautiful bathroom for you. We can help you evaluate your options within your budget. 

Ways To Update Your Outdated BathroomCreating a new space in your Burbank home can be just what you need to make it more functional and enjoyable. The bathroom is a very common space in the home and needs updating from time to time. There are so many things to consider before planning your remodel. One thing many people have a difficult time deciding is whether to remodel the shower into a tub shower or stand-up model. Here are three things to consider before planning your shower remodel. 

Stand Up Shower Vs Soaking Tub 

Besides the vanity, the tub or shower is the focal point of the bathroom. The tub or shower area has the capability to change the way the entire bathroom looks. Here are some things to take into account:

What Is Most Functional For Your Family?

If you have little children you may want the option of having a bathtub. It can be difficult to bathe a little infant in a shower. There are however options like investing in small baby tubs that may solve that dilemma for you easier. If there is another bathroom in the home with a tub you may want to further explore your shower options since you already have a bathtub. If the opposite is true and you 

What Option Is Within Your Budget?

Depending on the additional features you wish to install, a shower can become very costly. Bathtubs usually cost less than showers, especially without high-end features. Determining what is within your budget will definitely be a deciding factor. Some people opt to have both side by side: a shower and a soaking tub. If this is within your budget and the design you are looking for this would create any kind of dilemma.   

What Do You Have Enough Room For? 

You may find that you only have room for a stand-up shower. Stand-up showers take up the smallest amount of space by far. It’s important to measure out all your bathroom features and make sure you have not only enough room for each fixture but space to move around comfortably. If your bathroom allows for a whirlpool tub with built-in jets this may be a wonderful option to upgrade your space. 

FAQ Section 

Can you have a shower and a tub in the same bathroom?

If you have enough space you can have a shower and tub in the same bathroom. Many people enjoy the comforts and esthetics of a soaking tub and shower. You can also have these two options in your bathroom if your budget allows for it. 

Which is better, a stand-up shower or a tub?

It all really depends on the preference and size of your bathroom. With a tub shower combination, you can have both. 

Which is cheaper to install a tub or a shower?

A tub is usually cheaper than a shower, especially with certain fixtures and features added. Your standard bathtub will also cost less than whirlpool or jacuzzi tubs. 

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