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Are you looking to remodel your home? Finding a licensed contractor can help ensure that the work is completed correctly and that your home is protected if anything goes wrong. Please contact our office for more information about our services. 

We Are A Licensed CompanyLicensed Contractor in Lake Hollywood, CA 91602

Since 1999, Cavalier Builders inc. has provided home, kitchen, and bathroom remodeling services. They are a family-owned company fully bonded with A+ ratings from the Better Business Bureau. Here are the benefits of using our company: 

  • We strive to provide the best customer service 
  • We have the experience to complete any projects you may need on your home.
  • We meet safety guidelines and prioritize the wellness of our clients.  

No matter how big or small your project may be, we are dedicated to transforming your space. 

We Provide Services in Lake Hollywood, CA

We service Lake Hollywood, CA, and the surrounding areas. This includes up near the Lake View Terrace area and down by Lawndale, CA. We hope you will choose us if you, your family, or your friends want help with home renovations. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring A Licensed Contractor

Here are some of the commonly asked questions customers have about licensed contractors

Why Should I Hire A Licensed Contractor? 

Even if you know how to properly use power tools, a DIY video won’t provide you with the skill sets you need to complete the big plans you have for your home renovation. A licensed contractor is professionally trained to come to the job prepared and knows the ins and outs of having a successful remodel. This includes knowing which supplies are best and who to call if permits or subcontracts are needed. In addition, if anything goes wrong, they have insurance to cover the repairs. 

How Do I Know If The Contractor Is Licensed? 

You will know if a contractor is licensed by simply asking for their credentials. Anyone with a License will have it readily available to show their customers. If you are ever in doubt, you can always visit the local government online license search to find out if the company is, in fact, licensed. 

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