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Is it time for you to remodel your bathroom? If you are around Hidden Hills, CA  or its surrounding areas then Cavalier Builders, Inc. can help! Stop with the DIY projects that only give you half the vision and let the professionals step in. Our team is trained to get the job done right the first time, with customer satisfaction as our ultimate goal.

Specialized Team Of Licensed ContractorsLicensed Contractor in Hidden Hills, CA 91302

Our team is intricately made up of specialized licensed contractors that can assist you with any home renovation or remodel! Check out our latest and greatest work in our portfolio and let us know what you have in mind for your home project. Our team assists and performs room design, layout, picking out high-quality tiles and flooring and more! Whatever you need, our team can help while you sit back and watch your remodel come together before your eyes! 

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If you find yourself near Hidden Hills, CA then you are very close to our office location! Stop by and meet the team to discuss your unique project needs. Tell us what you are looking to have done in your home and our team of licensed contractors can help you determine what services will be best suited for what your are looking for. 

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions About Licensed Contractors

Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions that we receive as licensed contractors in the area.

Should You Perform Tile Or Plumbing Work First? 

It is recommended to start with the tile before performing any plumbing work first. This way the tile can help to create a seal and help protect against water leaks or other water damage in your home. Also it is much easier to do that than having to cut tiles around the toilet in different shapes. Your bathroom will look much better with high quality finish. We highly recommend not to attempt this kind of remodel on your own but to find an expert contractor to do it for you.

What’s The Best Place For A Toilet In Your Bathroom?

If you have space in your bathroom to do so, a contractor would recommend placing your toilet in the far northwest corner. Keeping the toilet out of plain view helps to bring the aesthetic together. Also if possible it’s better to have the toilet face a door or an open wall rather than a fixture, so you have at least a 30-inch clearance. If you are trying to save space, push the toilet space to a minimum of 15 inches to the nearest wall or fixture. Always consider that the side measurements are taken from the center line, an imaginary vertical line that passes through the drain.

What Will Add More Value To My Bathroom Remodel? 

Since the shower and/or tub will be the main focus in your remodel they are what will add more value to your bathroom. Spending more money on your shower or tub will add value to the overall remodel in the long run. If you need to choose between one or the other, the bathtub is going to add more value. While they might have a similar cost, the market considers a tub a more desirable fixture, because its installation is more difficult and pricey. You can consider pairing a bathtub with a shower for an even better return value.

Why Should I Hire A Licensed Contractor?

There are different reasons to hire a professional contractor that is licensed, bonded and insured. First, being licensed means they have proper training and experience, and have obtained legal permits from the government. Second, they have liability insurance. This protects your family and your home from possible property damage or bodily injuries that can occur during renovations. Finally they will systematically plan all the details before starting and make sure the plan is followed and completed until the end and you are happy with it. They are bound to a contract and if something goes wrong they can’t ignore it or run away lest they lose their license.

What Types Of Warranties Do You Offer?

Warranties are very important to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction. Honest remodeling companies always offer warranties on their services and their products. In the state of California builder liability lasts for 1 year after the project is finished and licensed contractors have to provide a 4 year-warranty on items installed. If they perform a faulty installation they are liable for damages and repairs.

Can You Provide A List Of Past Client Referrals?

We have over 20 years of experience in home remodeling and we can boast about the quality of our services. For starters you can check our website and read first hand homeowners testimonials about our work. You will find many satisfied clients and 5 star reviews on the internet as well. We are always happy to show pictures of previous jobs we have completed where you can see the quality of our projects. We have built a strong reputation because our priority is to have satisfied customers. We are proud to offer fast and excellent services to our community at an affordable price.

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