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Getting ready to start your next home remodel project? Wondering if you should hire a professional contractor or do it yourself? Talk with the professionals at Cavalier Builders to discuss your options. Everyone believes DIY is the way to go, but sometimes it is best to call in the professionals and let them do what they do best. 

We Remodel HomesHome Remodeling Contractors in Woodland Hills, CA 91365

Our highly skilled contractors specialize in home remodels. We can provide a wide range of services including kitchen and bathroom remodeling, flooring installation, painting, and much more. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable contractors who will work with you to create the perfect dream home. Whatever project you have in mind, our team can help! 

Our Professionals Work in Woodland Hills, CA 

If you find yourself near Woodland Hills, CA, then you are near our office! Stop by to discuss your project with one of our contractors to see exactly how we can help you! Whether you are in search of ideas, recommendations, or services, our team is ready to assist. Our professionals have been happily assisting the Woodland Hills area for over 23 years and strive to continue putting out excellent results. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Home Remodels

If you are in the midst of a home remodel and still have some unanswered questions, then check out our commonly asked questions below! 

What Is The First Thing To Plan During My Remodel? 

One of the first things to consider when remodeling is the budget, so you can decide how much you are willing to spend on materials, supplies, and labor. Additionally, determining your budget will help you determine whether you should DIY your remodel or hire contractors. 

How Much Does A Room Remodel Cost? 

A regular size room remodel can cost anywhere between $10-$60 per square foot. Some projects that desire more extravagant materials can even add up to $150 per square foot. It all depends on your style and taste and whether or not you will be performing the work on your own or hiring a contractor. 

How Do You Determine Your Bathroom Layout? 

To successfully achieve your dream bathroom, the layout needs to be well thought out. You will want a layout that is efficient, provides you with a wow factor, and adds more storage space. Discuss with your contractor what your bathroom layout should be based on your specific project. 

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