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Remodeling a kitchen, building a new deck, or creating an open floor plan are examples of large-scale home improvement projects and investments. You want to ensure that you work with a general contractor company that meets your required expectations and delivers on the vision that you have for your home renovation or remodel project. 

Cavalier Builders Offers Homeowners With Quality General Contractor Services

If you’re looking for general contractors in Tujunga, California, who are licensed, bonded, and knowledgeable, look no further. The staff at Cavalier Builders in Woodland Hills, CA, is just what you are looking for. We’ve been providing excellent service for many years on various house projects. 

Frequently Asked Questions About General Contractor Services 

At Cavalier Builders, we understand that customer service goes beyond just providing excellent services. It also requires being available and capable of answering any questions that clients may have when considering a project or the hiring of a general contractor. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about general contractor services. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to one of our friendly associates for further information. 

What Should I Consider When Hiring A General Contractor? 

When hiring a general contractor, you should consider their experience in the industry, the quality of their work, rates and fees, and responsiveness to inquiries. This can be achieved by doing your research and checking for online reviews and photos of completed projects. You will also want to ensure that the contractor you hire is fully licensed and insured. This helps to protect you and the contractor throughout the entirety of the process and project.

If your property is damaged, someone is injured, or the end results do not match the agreed-upon contract, you will have an easier time achieving a satisfactory conclusion if your contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured. Finally, make sure you get everything agreed upon in writing! This is key and can help provide you with immense peace of mind throughout the entire project. 

How Much Does A General Contractor Cost? 

The cost of a general contractor can vary depending on the scope of the project and the materials and labor required. It is imperative to get a quote from multiple contractors before deciding. At Cavalier Builders, we provide all our clients with honest suggestions and solutions for their home improvement and renovation projects. 

We do not try to upsell, cut corners, or add anything that won’t benefit you, your home, or your wallet. Our free in-home design consultation allows you to decide on what you want with experienced help from a team that delivers proven and quality results. We also provide you with a free and transparent price estimate so that you do not have any budgetary surprises once the project has begun.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A General Contractor? 

Some people find home renovation tasks intimidating, especially if they don’t consider themselves the do-it-yourself type. You may have ambitious plans for house renovation that require considerably greater skills and expertise than you now have, which makes hiring a trusted and reliable contractor a must for those who want quality results. 

Hiring a general contractor can save time and money, as they are experienced in the construction process and can handle the project from start to finish. They can also ensure your project is completed on time and up to code. From securing work permits, managing supply delivery, and employing and arranging subcontractors such as carpenters, electricians, and plumbers, a general contractor can help you with every task.

What Services Do General Contractors Typically Offer? 

For construction projects, general contractors operate as a single point of contact. They handle estimates, scheduling, layout, and subcontracting tasks. Pre-construction consultation, program and project management, construction management, design and build, financing, general construction, and building maintenance are among the basic services offered by the majority of general contracting companies. A general contractor will occasionally even take over a project that has already begun. 

At Cavalier Builders, we offer services that include:

  • Bathroom repairs and upgrades
  • Concrete services
  • Kitchen remodels and renovations
  • Patio installation and repair
  • Roofing services
  • Room additions
  • And much more.

For a complete listing of our offered services, contact us today. 

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General Contractors in Tujunga, California

The unique and desirable Tujunga area, commonly called Sunland-Tujunga, is located on the northern edge of Los Angeles, CA. Situated between the Verdugo and San Gabriel Mountains, this historic neighborhood near the Foothill Freeway has been an increasingly attractive choice for homebuyers, particularly those who enjoy the outdoors or wish to live a little further away from the bustle of the city. 

Cavalier Builders is proud to be an active part of the community here and provides many services to this area’s residential and commercial buildings. We also provide to many surrounding areas, including the communities of Westlake Village, Playa Del Rey, and Culver City. Please contact us today for a complete listing of the areas we serve and the services we provide. We look forward to helping you achieve your dream home soon!


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