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Home remodeling is a great way to increase the property value and curb appeal of your home. If you live in the Granada Hills, California area and are looking to remodel your home, give our team at Cavalier Builders, Inc. a call today. We look forward to working with you! 

What We Do For You

We know that remodeling your home is a big step. We have over 20-years of experience remodeling homes in the Los Angeles area, so you can trust us! Our number one mission is to help you get the most out of your home. On top of renovation services, here are some of the other services we offer:

  • Repair services
  • New room additions
  • Garage conversions
  • Kitchen and bathroom remodeling
  • Painting services
  • Roofing services
  • Deck and patio services
  • Concrete services

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about the services we provide our customers. 

We Work In Granada Hills

Located in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, Granada Hills is an affluent residential community. Many families and kids are drawn to the area because of the community’s numerous cul-de-sacs, tree-lined paths, and several respected schools. Families can choose from a variety of kid-friendly outdoor activities thanks to the Santa Susana Mountains and other lush parks that are close to the area. 

And due to its Valley location, Granada Hills is at least 20 miles from many of LA’s most well-known tourist attractions and metropolitan amenities, which has helped the area preserve its suburban character. Our team is happy to offer our services to the people of Granada Hills, CA 91344 and the surrounding areas. Granada Hills is a neighborhood in Los Angeles. It is located in the San Fernando Valley. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Remodels

Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions you would like to ask us. We are pleased to provide our clients with all the details they require. Several of the frequently asked questions that we receive are included below for your convenience.

How Should I Prepare For A Remodel?

Renovating is an investment in both you and your home. Set project budgets after prioritizing your plans for the upcoming renovation. This might involve thoroughly surveying a room to determine the full scope of the makeover, from floor to ceiling. Next, you will want to explore what you like and dislike. 

To better understand your unique style, browse online galleries and visit model homes. To decide whether the investment is wise, consider the estimated worth of your property after renovations and how long you want to remain in your home. 

What Should I Renovate First?

Check your home for design flaws and determine your goals for the makeover, including which areas of the house require the greatest work, before you begin. Concentrate on the fundamentals first. If your foundation, roof, windows, plumbing, or heating and air conditioning system need to be repaired, you should focus on those areas first.

Next, you want to order your list of design updates according to priority. Since new kitchens and bathrooms frequently offer the highest return on investment, we advise homeowners to makeover these spaces first if they are unattractive or outdated. 

Can I Perform The Remodel Myself Or Should I Hire Help?

It’s always a good idea to consult a professional. A single consultation with a qualified designer and contractor can save both time and money in the long term. The most convenient and enjoyable methods to renovate a home typically involve working with an interior designer and/or project coordinator. 

The homeowner’s skill level, interests, and timetable will determine whether DIY is a viable alternative. Combining the two may be the most beneficial match-up if a project has a limited budget. Whatever you decide is best for you, Cavalier Builders is always ready to help. With years of experience and the necessary tools, our team has everything you need to ensure your remodel goes smoothly from start to finish. Contact us now for a free in-home design consultation and estimate!

We’re Ready to Help 

From kitchen and bathroom remodeling to new room additions, Cavalier Builders, Inc. has got you covered! We offer all of our services throughout the Granada Hills, California area. We look forward to working with you. We are eager to be of service and ready to provide you with the home of your dreams. Contact us now!

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