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Cavalier Builders is your choice for a reliable general contractor in Canyon Country, CA 91351. We work on everything from roofs to kitchens and are happy to make your dream home ideas become a reality. If you live in the area we are here to serve you and your family.

General Contractor in Canyon Country CA 91351Our Services 

Our team is ready for a wide variety of services including kitchen, bathroom, and garage remodels. Room additions are another common service we offer to the community that can add significant value to your home. Other services that we offer are:

  • Roofing, whether you need a new roof or just a few shingles replaced we offer many roofing services.
  • Patio upgrades, repairs, and remodels
  • Concrete services
  • Interior and exterior painting

We are licensed and insured and put out only high-quality work while getting the job done in a reasonable time. You can trust us to work within your budget and produce work that reflects your vision.

Serving the Canyon Country, CA Area of 91351 

We proudly serve the Canyon Country, CA area of 91351 along with other areas nearby. Canyon Country is a community within the city of Santa Clarita in Los Angeles County. If you are looking for things to do in the area there are many places to enjoy from hiking to amusement parks.

Placerita Canyon Nature Center is a nice place to visit if you like hiking and nature. They also have small local animals to learn about and enjoy. The Nethercutt Museum is also a fun and interesting place with a variety of unique and rare cars along with other antiques.

Commonly Asked Questions

Starting a remodeling project is a big decision. We understand you may have questions, and we’re here to provide you with all the information you need. Here, we’ve addressed some of the frequently asked questions we hear from homeowners. We are always happy to answer any more questions you may have.

What factors should I consider when hiring a general contractor?

When hiring a general contractor, there are key factors to consider. They should have licenses, bonds, and insurance to protect both you and your project. Next, assess their experience and track record. View prior projects, ask for references, and read reviews to gauge their work quality. Communication is vital. Choose a contractor who listens to your ideas and communicates with you. Get detailed, written estimates that include timelines and costs. Compare several quotes to ensure a fair price. Trust your instincts and select a contractor you feel comfortable with. This approach will help you hire the right contractor for your project.What 

Do I have to hire a professional for my remodeling project?

You don’t always have to hire a professional for your remodeling project. It depends on the scope and complexity of the work. Tasks like painting or installing fixtures can often be accomplished with DIY skills. For complex projects like kitchen or bathroom remodels, it’s best to hire professionals. They bring expertise and access to specialized tools. They can ensure the work gets done correctly and complies with local building codes. DIY projects can sometimes lead to costly mistakes if not done properly. Before deciding, evaluate your skills and the project’s complexity. Then weigh the cost savings against potential challenges and risks.

What does it mean when a general contractor is bonded?

When a contractor is bonded, it means they have a surety bond. The bond is a form of insurance that provides protection for you. It is a financial safety net if the contractor doesn’t fulfill their contract. If there is unfinished work, poor craftsmanship, or other contract breaches, you can file a claim against the bond for financial losses. Bonding offers you a layer of security and peace of mind when working with a contractor. It ensures that you have recourse if things don’t go as planned during your project.

How can I see a contractor’s previous work?

  • Request a list of references from the contractor. These are clients who can provide insights into their experience with the contractor.
  • Many contractors maintain online portfolios or websites showcasing their previous projects. Browse through these galleries to get an idea of their craftsmanship and style.
  • Look for online reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, or Angie’s List. These reviews often include photos and feedback from homeowners who have worked with the contractor.
  • If possible, visit some of the contractor’s completed projects in person. This allows you to see the quality of their work up close and talk to the homeowners about their experience.
  • Request before-and-after photos of projects like yours. This can give you a clear picture of the transformations the contractor has achieved.

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