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Did you know that Cavalier Builders in, Woodland Hills, CA, can help Thousand Oaks with garage conversions? Our team has been serving in the surrounding communities of Los Angeles for many years. You can trust the services that we provide to you. 

Garage Conversion Services

Garage conversions are a fun way to add needed space to your home. It can be highly costly to add additions to your home. Plus, not always a feasible project to do for your home. Digging footers and laying a foundation is a very in-depth project. A garage conversion can be a much more reasonable project to do. You will need a permit and signatures from your city, and some things to consider are:

  • Installing Electrical Wiring
  • Installing Plumbing
  • The Need for A HVAC Unit
  • Installation of Flooring

There are so many great designs and layouts that you can do with a garage space. Many people choose to make garage apartments to rent out for extra income. Then others use it as a guest house, spare bedroom, or playroom for their kids. Some fun ideas are movie rooms, game rooms, and home gyms. Your options are endless. 

We Work In Thousand Oaks, CA 91319

Ventura County is home to Thousand Oaks, CA. There is a population in this city of fewer than 130,000 people. This community is large in size and a great place to live. It is a short drive to Los Angeles. 

Our team at Cavalier Builders is always happy to help the people in Thousand Oaks with their general contractor needs and quality garage conversions. We are professional contractors who take immense pride in being the go-to trusted experts for garage conversions and other renovation tasks. Aside from Thousand Oaks, we also provide services to many surrounding areas, including Santa Monica, Simi Valley, and Santa Clarita. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Garage Conversions

Cavalier Builders strives to provide every client with the best services and customer care possible. This includes answering any questions regarding services, projects, pricing, etc. Below we have answered some of our more frequently received questions concerning garage conversions and what a client might expect from such a project. For more information or if you have a question not addressed below, please contact us. 

How Are Garage Conversions And Remodelings Different From One Another?

In contrast to a renovation, a garage conversion repurposes the space for a different function. For instance, transforming a garage into a bedroom or a small apartment. Additionally, garage conversions are more expensive and need much more work than a garage renovation, such as installing air conditioning, electrical work, plumbing, constructing walls, replacing the garage door, etc.

If you want to improve your garage’s storage capacity, organization, or overall appearance and feel, you may remodel it by incorporating additional structure. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets, overhead storage, paint changes, workbenches, and the addition of a mudroom are a few examples of garage renovations.

What Benefits Are There In Garage Conversions?

Different homeowners have differing wants and needs for their living space, and in some circumstances, a garage makeover can be the ideal solution. There are several advantages to remodeling your garage, including:

  • Increased square footage
  • It is less expensive than a home addition
  • A garage can be transformed into a music studio, a painting studio, a photography studio, or any other studio, which is great for enthusiasts
  • It can offer a productive workspace for those who manage home-based businesses or operations
  • It can be transformed into a safe play area or game room for your children
  • Helps provide growing families with additional space
  • It can be converted into a rentable and income-generating dwelling, such as an apartment

Converting a garage is a unique choice for each individual and home. Many people find great enjoyment in their garage conversions for a variety of reasons.

Will A Garage Conversion Affect My Home’s Resale Value?

One of the most affordable methods to increase the size of your house and unquestionably increase its worth is to convert a garage into a living space. The average Los Angeles property is about $250-350 per square foot. Therefore converting a garage will increase your home’s square footage by 400 SF, worth $120,000. Thus, converting a garage will likely be 70%–80% cheaper. Because the garage conversion cost will increase along with the home’s value, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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